Monday 31 August 2020

Leaving only his toenails behind


So as someone on Twitter said yesterday, here we got the BBC's Nick Robinson "basically tweeting, with a nod and a wink, telling people to complain to Ofcom about the new "Fox News" channel".

If the overwhelmingly hostile online response to Nick's outrageous tweet is anything to go by, it backfired on him  spectacularly. (Good!). 

This is a highly representative selection of the most-liked replies:

  • Dear Ofcom, please ignore Nick's ramblings. He’s really not qualified to speak on our behalf, even though he thinks he is.
  • Does a biased, socially elitist, metropolitan public service broadcaster completely out-of-touch with working class people improve democracy? Send your answer to Ofcom and 10 Downing Street.
  • Surely "debate" is best served by providing more than one opinion?
  • Perhaps those who are scared of this new channel are merely recognising that the wider public have never shared their flavour of opinion?
  • I'm not wild about the idea. But it was sadly inevitable given the blatant lib-left bias of the BBC and Sky News over recent years. We've lost impartiality in our news coverage; it's a shame that it's come to this, but a counter-balance is long overdue.
  • Heaven forbid it might not conform to the “correct” opinions mandated by the the BBC? The fact that you can’t see, or simply don’t care, that your woke hive mind, has ruined BBC impartiality, is precisely why we all now need to seek diversity of thought elsewhere.
  • Without a doubt if it balances the left wing bias of the BBC and Sky News. Can't wait.
  • How worried is fake news BBC? THIS worried.
  • If it includes Andrew Neil, I can't wait. He was the BBC's best presenter and questioner and highly thought of by the viewers.  Freezing him out was a big mistake for the BBC.  How stupid to get rid of one of their biggest assets.
  • The BBC created the gap in the market. If you are feeling threatened by the competition then you should have thought about that before.
  • I find TV news unwatchable now, as I know do many others.
  • Are you saying that situation should continue, and because we don’t like what you’re offering, we should be deprived of any alternative?

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