Monday, 3 June 2019


I’m beyond embarrassed & angered that BBC News would have a replica of the ‘blimp’ in their studios. President Trump represents the American people who are our greatest allies. Abhorrent that the BBC is showing them such vile disrespect as we honour their sacrifices during WWII!
Extremely poor decision by the BBC.
If you've not yet seen it, here's what they're talking about. It featured throughout the opening minutes of the Victoria Derbyshire show.

Now, though many thought the programme's decision was absolutely outrageous (with some calling for BBC heads to roll), others praised the BBC for reflecting their (anti-Trump) views, with some of the latter even accusing the programme's critics of trying to suppress free speech! (Reminder to such people: The BBC is meant to be impartial).


  1. This makes me think that the BBC had a hand in the creation of the inflatable last time around. The BBC must have had a share in it, otherwise, what was it doing in the BBC studios? I suspect money will have changed hands (or favours called in) either today, or last time POTUS came to the UK, or both.

  2. On the Victoria D show this morning the banner headline was 'Protests get underway'. Switching to their outside broadcast, interviewed were staged with another inflatable of POTUS sitting on a wc prominently displayed. Why are the BBC so intent upon insulting the person of Donald Trump? What harm did he do to this country?