Wednesday 5 June 2019

Anti-Trump violence on the streets of Britain

The BBC News website has a striking article on the Trump protests yesterday:

It begins: 
If Donald Trump had been inclined to wind down a bullet-proof window in The Beast as he passed through central London, he may well have wound it straight back up. 
The public were kept a long way from his motorcade but the boos were loud, the placards stark and the general message expletive-laden.
Within the first few breezy paragraphs, the BBC reporter - Marie Jackson - twice describes the protests as being typically British ("British satire was on display", "It was all very British").

If you look beyond the BBC though, say to Sky, you find there was a nastier side to these protests. Here's a non-Sky take, so that you can watch the video here:
I see, by the way, that Emily Thornberry has condemned this act - a spur for the BBC to cover it?:
This is wrong and is a stain on a great event. Well done to those who went to this Trump supporter's defence. This is not what we should ever be about.
Yet ITV shows what was probably an even nastier incident:

The elderly man is more than just pushed to the ground. He was manhandled first.

As Maajid Nawaz more accurately puts it, this video shows "vicious far-left “anti-racist” thugs beat to the ground an elderly British Trump supporter". (It provoked Dan Hannan to tweet, "For the love of God, what is happening to this country?")

These incidents, incidentally, led to an interesting exchange on Twitter between a man of the Left and a woman of the Right which I thought I'd share with you:
Paul Embery: I have absolutely nothing in common with the screeching, hectoring, intolerant, group-thinking, fanatical, illiberal modern Left. They - and their apologists - are a disgrace to the fine traditions of the labour movement.
Suzanne Evans: Except this is nothing new Paul. I got ‘Tory Scum’ screamed in my face by an angry mob, just like this, back in 2010. Like anti-Semitism, UK Labour has let it fester for decades, indeed, it’s been encouraging it by saying and doing nothing.


  1. That Sheffield Firman union guy Paul Embery has been cropping up a lot
    ... afuture leader ?

  2. I have just finished watching last weeks exceedingly biased BBC Newswatch coverage of the President Trump visit last week. Clearly the BBC is exceedingly disappointed that the visit went without difficulties, how this must have disrupted their plans for even more negativity.

    I really see no point at all in the Newswatch programme continuing, it is a total waste of licence fee payers money (at a time when its costs escalate and need to withdraw the over 75 concession) as for whatever criticisms the BBC receives, all the programme does is to wheel in some poor editor as we had this week who defends and in this case rejects all criticism of bias. Interestingly, the person shown this week, implied that there are many who applauded the BBC coverage of last week, although all the programme contained, was critical of the BBC, nowhere did anyone come on to say how balanced and well presented the BBC handled the events.

    Just save our money rather than patronise us with this type of pointless programme, one just presumably to show that the BBC is 'unbiased' and not left wing.

    Sadly, in the UK, I and others have no choice but pay the fees and extreme salaries, one day perhaps this will change, hopefully soon.

    No doubt you have others who found this weeks programme pointless, I would like to know just how many congratulatory messages you received over your biased coverage, something we will never know. In closing, just add my email to the waste bin that you will have put the others in. I have looked to add my complaint to the BBC Complaints website, but frankly, I believe after today's program, it is just a waste of my time having read the impact they clearly do not have.


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