Sunday 30 June 2019

"I feel an udder on my leg"

Oh dear, Evan Davis has fallen out with the farmers!:

What happened was that on Thursday's PM, Evan interviewed Minette Batters of the National Farmers Union - an interview he introduced by saying there was a case for eating less meat when it came to animal welfare, diet, health and the environment. Then this happened:
Minette Batters, NFU: We lead the world in animal welfare standards...
Evan Davis: (interrupting) Yes, but they are not very good, let’s be honest. You wouldn’t want us to go around showing pictures of what goes on in a farm, would you?
This led to Ms Batters tweeting "In 20 years of media interviews I’ve never been more shocked and sickened than by the interview with me today. Will you please, please apologise to Britain’s farmers?" and Evan replying "I acknowledge that my clumsy expression gave the wrong impression that I think all animals are mistreated. Fear not, I’ve been to farms and know that’s false. I’d never argue that, any more than you’d say all animals are well-treated."

On the following day's PM he called it an "excessive overgeneralisation", but didn't quite apologise, and it sounds to me as if he'd been reading an earlier piece in The Guardian (which he namechecked on Friday) before blurting out his original comment.

Hmm. Do you think that will be enough to prevent this happening?

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  1. Farmer Karma! Don't diss the people who produce the food you eat!! :)


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