Saturday 22 June 2019

Andrew Marr is 'mugged by reality'

Two of TV's top broadcasters, Channel 4's Jon Snow and the BBC's Andrew Marr, live in the North London enclave of Primrose Hill. Only one of them, however, is quoted in the Daily Mail this weekend saying:
In Primrose Hill we have some of the richest people living in their nice houses and going to their lovely cafes, and in the other direction there are young kids in gangs who are killing each other.  
The drugs trade is incredibly violent, lethal and destroying lives in big numbers, and the people doing it are the middle-class, wealthy people taking drugs in the privacy of their own homes.  
We should be much more judgmental about middle-class drug taking.  
If you are white and middle class, you don’t see what is going on...
Yes, it's Andrew Marr who said that.

The article then reports his praise for a local vicar, Marjorie Brown, for opening his eyes to the situation. "Otherwise I would be blundering around Primrose Hill like everyone else."

Wonder if Peter Hitchens has read what Andrew said? I think he might even approve.

All of the top-rated comments below the Mail piece, however, disapprove. They all make the same criticism: "What does them being white have to do with anything?"


  1. "What does them being white have to do with anything?" - it has to with keeping your lucrative job at the BBC. If you don't continuously abase yourself and your friends at the altar of PC, you will be out.

  2. Ask Jon Snow and his wife - isn't she black - and he's not even BBC!


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