Friday 7 June 2019

Back Through the Looking Glass

One of the founders of Scientists for (the) EU, Dr. Mike Galsworthy, certainly galled the BBC's Chris Mason this morning.

The Labour-supporting academic had tweeted, "Labour win in Peterborough! Who is BBC Radio 4' s Today interviewing right now? The winner? No... they have Nigel Farage on. This is *the* top radio spot. I’ve had enough of the BBC. They promote him when he wins. They promote him when he loses."

Chris Mason replied, "This is Twitter at its pathetic worst , Mike Galsworthy. Craving retweets in an echo chamber. Here are the facts: narrowly defeated party leader on BBC Radio 4' s Today at 07:10. Shadow cabinet minister from winning party on at 08:10."

And the 08:10 spot is actually *the* top radio spot - and has been for decades - not 07:10. 

Maybe Dr. Mike should get his tweets peer-reviewed before sending them out?

Actually, Nigel Farage was in third place in the traditional Today pecking order. The third-placed party in Peterborough, the Conservatives, did better and got second place on Today with the 07:30 spot. (Are you still following me?)

Meanwhile Labour peer Baroness (Joan) Bakewell also had a beef with the BBC. She chipped in on the same thread alleging sexism on the Corporation's part for not having Lisa Forbes on Today: "But where’s the winner?  Oh, she’s a woman!".

As someone swiftly replied though, "I would imagine she was probably in bed, having been up most of the night."

Indeed. And as we know from Sue, she was soon up and back on the BBC facing Andrew Neil. 

Ah, Dr. Mike and Dame Joan! Seriously, maybe it's time for the BBC to revive The Brains Trust yet again. As when it was last revived, Dame Joan could be its presenter, and its panellists should be Dr. Mike Galsworthy, Professor A.C. Grayling, Paul Mason, Dr Heinz Kiosk and Ash Sarkar. How about it BBC?

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  1. Never fear! She's on next week - on Any Questions? I heard it from Dimblebum tonight!


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