Sunday 30 June 2019

Get Boris!

Two Sunday's ago MB described that week's The World This Weekend as a 'Get Boris!' edition. Last Sunday I called the following week's edition ''Get Boris With a Vengeance!'. Well, this Sunday's edition could be subtitled, 'A Good Day to Get Boris!'

Like last week's show, this one featured a 'BBC reality check' on one of the Conservative leadership candidates claims. Last week the leadership candidate Mark Mardell & Co. went after was Boris Johnson. They cast doubt on his claimed policy success over Russia. This week the leadership candidate Mark Mardell & Co. went after was, yes, Boris Johnson. (Jeremy Hunt will be pleased!) This time they cast doubt on his claimed successes in tackling crime in London. Chris Vallance's report did feature a defender of Boris - Kit Malthouse - but he was set against three very critical critics of the former London mayor. The report ended with Chris affirming that Boris's claimed successes are far from clear-cut. 

If this carries on people might start thinking that The World This Weekend has strongly taken against Boris Johnson!

1 comment:

  1. I bet it's like being back in the classroom when the editor comes in and says:

    "Right - who wants to do the hatchet job on Boris this week?"

    "Please Miss, me!"

    "No me Miss, please!!"

    "I haven't done one since May!!"

    "I've never been allowed to do one..."

    "All right, all right, calm down! There are going to be lots of hatchet jobs on Boris, so everyone will get a turn. Right, Chris, you can have a go this week. I don't want any of that silly balance stuff. Make it properly biased. You know, like Mark Mardell does."


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