Wednesday 5 June 2019

Two things

A couple of things amused me watching the 'journalists' questions' part of the Theresa May/Donald Trump press conference yesterday.

The first was Emily Maitlis getting was passed over in favour of Beth Rigby from Sky. She tried to look happy for Beth, but not very successfully!

Emily gets trumped (thanks to Theresa May)

The second was when The Donald dropped Jezza in it by casually mentioning that he'd turned down the Labour leader's request for a private chat. When journalists then began eagerly tweeting about it the first response of hardcore Twitter Corbynistas was to accuse the President of making it up and the hacks of 'fake new' - until a Labour spokesman said, yes, Jezza had indeed asked for an interview with Donald Trump.

Col. Richard Kemp was characteristically forthright in his reaction to the latter piece of news, commenting of Jeremy Corbyn: "You screamed against Trump, rejected an invitation to meet him yet secretly tried to meet him. How can anyone believe a word you say or take your seriously?"

In fairness, the Labour leader had always said that he would like to have a chat with Mr. Trump. 

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  1. It's like those reaction shots at the Oscars! :)

    Kemp's general observation is valid...Corbyn is trying to be all things to all men, women and transgender - a lefty student protester for the left-lynch mob and a responsible statesperson for the middle of the road voter. Secretly of course he remains what he has always been: a hardline Marxist.


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