Sunday 16 June 2019


A couple of interesting facts from Andrew Gilligan in The Sunday Times:
  • Boris Johnson last appeared as a panellist on the BBC’s Question Time six years ago.
  • The BBC's Children in Need gave £128,000 to the controversial transgender charity Mermaids.

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  1. There's a great deal more to this. It's not just the money, though the Lottery fund has also given a large sum. This controversial advocacy outfit has also been involved in training and the BBC has signposted it as a source of advice and help in articles on the news website.

    I've never heard the rationale for the BBC doing these massive programmes of raising money for Children in Need and Comic Relief or any general discussion of it. Is it supposed to be self-evident that this is part of the BBC's role and purpose or is it that it is mean to question something that is doing good for the poor or needy?


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