Sunday 16 June 2019

"Not Channel 4's fault, of course"

"But given that he has made misogynistic and homophobic comments in the past, do you think that is particularly problematic?"

Here's Mark Mardell on today's The World This Weekend:
If you tune into the Channel 4's leadership debate tonight you may well be watching five men who are probably not going to be the United Kingdom's next prime minister. Not Channel 4's fault, of course, and they tell us even at this late stage they have a lectern ready if Boris Johnson changes his mind.    
Well, Mark, maybe it is Channel 4's fault. Many people think that the channel's main news programme has gone seriously off-the-rails in recent years.

Dan Hannan MEP, for example, tweeted this earlier today: "Channel 4 News has given up any pretence at accuracy, seriousness or responsibly. I won’t appear on it again."

And James Cleverly MP, on reading a preview, tweeted this: "And people are wondering why  Boris Johnson is unconvinced that the Channel 4 debate is a good use of time. I’m just amazed the other candidates can’t see this for what it is."

In his media bubble, Mark Mardell may not have thought of that. 


  1. I would advise Boris to steer well clear of it all. Does anyone really expect Emily Maitlis to be even handed between the candidates and between the Conservatve approach to politics and other approaches? Er - no, of course not!

    No doubt even as I type Maitlis is locked in a room with producers selecting the instruments of torture designed to make Boris squeal with pain.

    What's the point, when he could organise his own event?

    1. She'll have to be careful though because such TV debates are scrutinised more than other TV programmes. She could easily be monitored for interruptions, number of questions/supplementary questions put, helpful and unhelpful interventions, mocking laughs, etc. In fact, I think I'll treat myself on Tuesday and do it myself!


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