Saturday 22 June 2019

A point of view

The sub-headline in my hard copy of this week's Spectator only makes it worse. Underneath the headline The brutality of the Beatles and above the byline naming the author - Paul Wood (of the BBC) - comes the sub-headline Why the Isis torture gang must return to Britain to stand trial.

That gives the game away. This is an opinion piece, an argument, as much as a report - though the reporting part of it is excellent, informative and grim.

Comments could be going better though. The general response can be summarised as 'Wrong. Let the Iraqis try them and hang them. They committed their crimes there. And it will save us the expense'. 

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  1. Paul Wood is another snake.
    Lest we not forget he was the first MSM journo to leap on the Trump dossier story, stating that he had seen it 'floating around' for ages and cashing in.
    Funny how he's kept so quiet about it recently though.
    I wonder why.


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