Saturday 22 June 2019

Robert Peston is bemused by the BBC

Ex-BBC now-ITV political editor Robert Peston has been getting up quite a few people's nostrils (including mine) this past week or so with his opinionated tweets.

He's taken strong stances on quite a few things - for example taking firmly against Mark Field MP in the culture war over the Tory MP's forceful ejection of a female Greenpeace protestor from an event where Chancellor Hammond was spouting forth, and, above all, for seeming to be absolutely besotted with Rory Stewart MP. 

But a couple of his tweets today made me smile - especially after having just re-watched Toy Story II tonight with a family young 'un:
I am a bemused by why R4 Saturday Review would choose four reviewers for Toy Story 4 who have no emotional attachment to the Toy Story series, including two who had never seen any of them, and review it on the basis of whether the characters were ethnically diverse enough, whether it was feminist in the right way and why it did not have a powerful ecological message. For those of us for whom Toy Story were wonderful milestones as our children grew up, this is to miss the point completely. This is the BBC as self parody.
Oh Robert, for goodness sake, why be bemused? You're talking about BBC Radio 4, one of the most 'woke' channels on the planet. But, having just listened to it myself, you've still managed to be spot-on and to skewer the BBC here.

That's the way to do it!

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  1. I have to admit I was also a little bemused when I heard it on Saturday. Parody is exactly the right word. Having been rather disappointed at Channel Four’s new miniseries “Catch 22, which seems to have lost much of the absurdist humour of Joseph Heller’s original novel, fear not. It is alive and well in Radio 4 arts programmes.

    You do have to feel rather sorry for people who view the whole of life in terms of politics.


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