Thursday 20 June 2019

The BBC's ongoing war on Boris. Damage Limitation

The BBC’s ongoing war against Boris and damage limitation for the 'Imam From Bristol' gaffe.

Victoria Derbyshire  13:40
[Boris Johnson] didn’t think his mistake in describing the British/Iranian mum in jail for spying in Iran, as 'a journalist' when her family said she wasn’t, didn’t make any difference. Now, you were there when he made this comments, and potentially had to do a bit of clearing up afterwards, do you agree? His comments, his mistakes, didn’t make any difference?

Alistair Burt
One thing I’m resolutely clear about, and that is Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is not an issue in the Conservative Party leadership. I know the family, I’ve met her little girl, met her father in Tehran, it’s a very difficult situation


But her case may be if he becomes Prime Minister

The Iranians have Nazanin. They watch every programme, and they watch every word that’s said. I’m not going to say any more. I know how hard all my colleagues, over all the time that she’s been detained, have worked, I’ve worked closely with some in Iran who are also trying to assist her and I’m not going to make — she is not part of the campaign.

“Think about it though. Mrs Ratcliffe is Iranian. Her Iranian mother currently resides in Iran. Mrs Ratcliffe is in prison in Iran, as a kind of hostage, if you like.
Richard Ratcliffe could hardly say anything too harsh about the Iranian regime publicly, for fear that they would seize upon it and extend her incarceration even more. You wouldn’t want to annoy the Ayatollahs if your wife was at their mercy, would you?”
I think I can rest my case.

Still on the VD show. Scroll to about 20:09

Victoria Derbyshire
An Inquiry into Islamophobia in the Conservative Party has been promised, as you know, by all the leadership candidates this week. How extensive is Islamophobia? This programme has learned that the Tory Party has now been passed more than 130 allegations of Islamophobic and racist behaviour by people on social media by people who claim to members of the party. Conservative HQ have also confirmed to us that they’ve suspended another member who’s also involved in running a controversial chat room on Facebook, which claimed to be supporting Boris Johnson.
The group, which contained racist and Islamophobic comments has now been taken off the site.
Our reporter Jim Reed has this story.

The comments aren’t going too well.

Next, they gave Mohammed Amin an opportunity to repeat what amounts to a call for a blasphemy law.

The BBC (plus all the MSM really) are hellbent on equating Islamophobia with antisemitism. It’s at fever pitch, like jealous siblings; Muslims v Jews. “Everything you do, we have to do too” Every ‘concession’ you (British Jews) might enjoy, we demand for ourselves. Or else!  If we can’t have what we want, no-one else must be allowed to have it. If the Jews can cry ‘antisemitism’, we will cry “Islamophobia’ ....but louder. 
The BBC can’t even see the difference between the racist bigotry of antisemitism and the ideological objection to Islam. 

The 'Imam From Bristol' indoctrinates his followers with an ideology that seeks to control every waking moment of their lives, from cradle to grave. When we hear Muslims like Mohammed Amin being all indignant about “calling Muslim women letterboxes and bank-robbers” (Which was exactly what Boris Johnson didn’t do, but no-one seems to care about accuracy) why doesn’t the BBC inquire whether Mr Amin wishes to see more women walking around Britain covered from head-to-toe in black material, and if so, why is he in Britain rather than in a country where they do do that.

David Toube, for Quilliam (Formerly of Harry’s Place) brings us some of imam Patel’s lifestyle instructions:
“In another discussion, Patel is asked whether “it permissible for a woman(in purda) [i.e. veil] to teach deen in an all-girls muslim school when she has to participate in meetings with non-mahram [close relative] males?”. His advice is as follows: 
“This is permissible provided that meetings are infrequent and conducted in a professional manner, i.e. no casual behaviour takes place. The veil (purdah) cannot be removed and the non Muslim staff must be aware of Islamic Etiquette especially the lowering of gazes etc. If at all possible, the seating arrangements should be conducive to the dictates of modesty. 
It would not be permissible for her to work, if there is regular and frequent contact with males.” 
A wife may not address her husband by name 
Patel also advises that, although husbands may address their wives by name, the converse is not permitted: 
“The traditional texts of fiqh indicate that a husband may call her wife by her name. However, a woman should not address her husband by name. This has been termed as undesirable. (Makrooh) She should use a term which shows respect and honour.” 
Religious marriage in tandem with a sham civil marriage 
In another ruling, a woman who is a convert to Islam seeks advice on remarriage to a Muslim man. Her situation is that she paid an American to marry her, so that she might “get legal status in the USA”. However, she needs to stay married to her first husband under US law in order to retain her residency rights in the USA. Accordingly, the woman seeks advice as to whether she can marry a second husband without getting divorced from the first. 
Patel advises that she may do so in the following circumstances:
“If three menstrual cycles have passed since your conversion to Islam you will be considered as divorced. You can now marry a Muslim man without obtaining an official divorce from your first husband. “

Why doesn’t Victoria Derbyshire question Mr Amin on some of that? But no. She’s too busy fawning over her guest and trying to limit the damage the BBC has done to their own dishonourable 'Boris takedown'.


  1. Ah, The Handmaiden's Tale popping out from an angle the progressives refuse to acknowledge. Again.

  2. As noted on an earlier thread, here was Emily Maitlis at the start of last night's Newsnight paper review:

    EMILY MAITLIS: "Let me take you through the front pages first of all. The Mail's front page is the BBC, the imam who was exposed as being anti-Israeli after making those comments on our debate programme last night about Islamophobia. 'Biased Brazen Contemptible' is the Mail's take on the BBC on that one."

    Yes, the imam were merely "anti-Israel" according to Emily.

  3. Are there any pictures of Fray Derbyshire where she does not look like she's been caught taking a dump?

  4. I think it is a general rule of all journalists that the worse the situation the better. If Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was locked up for life and it could be implied that it was Boris Johnson's fault that would be win-win. They don't really care about the women as an individual.

    Didn't the WW2 Jews try to escape persecution whereas the Muslims, (apart from the ones that originated with Richard 1 and those 'black' Romans!), appear to be keen to get into 'Islamophobic' Europe?


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