Sunday 30 June 2019

Red Len v Red Andy (featuring Red Paul Mason)

I'm late in catching up with today's The Andrew Marr Show

Andrew's interview with far-left Len McCluskey of the Unite union was particularly gripping viewing.

My favourite bit needs transcribing:

Andrew Marr: Have you ever heard the suggestion around the leader's office that he's going to step down towards the end of this year?
Len McCluskey: Absolutely not. It's fake news. Jeremy is a strong leader and people should stop putting him under pressure. This idea, even from comrades of the Left - Paul Mason. He seems to have lost his marbles -...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) No, he hasn't lost his marbles!
Len McCluskey: He's wanting...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) No, that's not fair!
Len McCluskey: sack everyone around Jeremy...

Now I, of course, was mainly laughing there at Red Len's denunciation of Comrade Mason, ex of the BBC's Newsnight (though I shocked myself by finding myself agreeing with Len on quite a few things during the whole interview)...

...and I also laughed at Red Len saying that Jez is "a strong leader" and then saying "and people should stop putting him under pressure". (Who needs satire?) 

I then saw from Twitter that far-left ex-BBC Newsnight economics editor Paul wasn't at all happy with Red Len about that, and that made me laugh even more. 

The endless fallings-out of the present day extreme-Left are grimly comical, in a Monty Pythonish kind of way, but what if they - and their anti-Semitic hordes - got into power via a Jeremy Corbyn premiership? What price laughter then?

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  1. Yep, there's comedy at the moment, but Corbyn is surrounded by some very hard left Marxists. They fully expect, according to Marxist doctrine, there will be a reaction to their socialist policies from the Right. They will be fully ready to take down our democratic constitution and replace it with something more like a "people's democracy". They will use the Electoral Commission, Ofcom, the EHRC, and the BBC as powerful weapons in their struggle to move towards a revolutionary Marxist regime.

    We've seen how the Police have been radicalised and politicised. Expect the same to happen to the armed forces in short order.

    It will be an open question whether we ever again have anything like a free election again.


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