Saturday 15 June 2019

Getting power back over the BBC's content

If you've not read Charles Moore's latest Spectator piece, here's a snippet I think you'll enjoy:
Although people over 75 will naturally be annoyed to have to pay their television licence fee once more — unless they are poor enough to qualify for pension credit — the decision will, in fact, empower them. Gordon Brown should never have let them off payment in the first place since they are the greatest users of television and radio in the country and are mostly not the poorest either. So long as they were getting the services free, they had no power over their content. They have had to endure ever more abasement before the young, propaganda for women’s football, preaching about Greta Thunberg, and the removal of people of their age from the screen. Now that they will have to pay £154.50 a year, they will carefully consider whether it is worth it, and therefore become a pressure group which the BBC cannot so easily scorn. There will be two other effects. The first will be that large numbers of tottering elderly persons will be hauled before the magistrate for non-payment, exciting public rage against the Corporation. The second will be a great technological advance among the white-haired as they learn from their grandchildren how to watch all sorts of interesting things through all sorts of interesting media without having to pay anything at all to the BBC.

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  1. True or true-ish but I would still use it as a stick to beat the BBC with (only joking/fantasising - don't mean it literally, I wouldn't do it myself)...

    And this is an opportunity for The Brexit Party to introduce a plan for a phasing out of the licence fee within four years, with a view to turning the BBC into a subscription service within 10 years. That would be an election winner - no licence fee to pay.


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