Sunday 30 June 2019

The cheek of it!

A BBC 'public information announcement' on Radio 4 within the last hour ran as follows:
In June 2020, the Government's funding for free TV licences for the over-75s comes to an end. From then anyone over 75 who receives pension credit will still be entitled to a free TV licence which the BBC will pay for. We're introducing this new scheme to help the poorest older pensioners while making sure we can continue to provide the best programmes and services for everyone. If you currently get a free TV licence you don't need to do anything yet. We'll be in touch before June 2020 to tell you what you will need to do. To find out more about the BBC's decision go to
That really does sound like a party political broadcast on behalf of the BBC from the BBC.

Note how they place all the blame on the Government for ending free TV licences for the over-75s, even though it's actually the BBC's decision to end that funding following the 2017 licence fee settlement.

And note how they paint themselves, Robin Hood-like, as riding to the rescue of the poor. 

Wonder who wrote it? Ex-Blairite James Purnell? 

The BBC's brass neck is truly something to behold!


  1. I think this morning's was a short bite out of that one. Heard a short one yesterday between programmes but didn't really pay attention to the content.

  2. They have been running this 'advert' for the last month on Radio 2, and it does make the BBC the 'goodies' and the government the 'badies'.


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