Wednesday 5 June 2019

Open Thread

"Look. Anyone who doesn't read Is the BBC biased? is a village idiot".

A new People's Confirmatory Public Open Thread is needed, according to Gavin Esler. And as we're huge fans of the election-losing, ex-BBC, hardline Remainer, who are we to deny him?

Thank you for your comments.



    And they're off and it's Gavin Esler on "Village Idiot" making a good showing in the opening stages...Heidi Allen on "Virtue Signaller" cutting across and bumping Soubry on the rails on "Mine's a G&T"...Chuka on "Blair's Star" not looking in good shape, well behind the field...Farage looking comfortable on "Populist Wave"...Ooh!..."Village Idiot" falls at the first fence....Theresa May on "Strong in the Stable" nowhere to be seen, likewise Jeremy Corbyn on "Left Behind". "Mine's a G&T" squeezing out "Virtue Signaller". Vince Cable on "Old Nag" doing surprisingly well following "Populist Wave". "Green Spin" also coming up strong to the next fence...

    [32 fences later...]

    So that's "Populist Wave" first across the line, but I'm told in my earpiece by Emma Barnett that "Populist Wave" will likely be disqualified for unfair use of social media, so that makes "Old Nag" and "Green Spin" joint winners.

  2. BBC are planning to take down Boris, hoping it will go better than the Tommy Takedown...

    Boris should refuse to have anything to do with it and should indeed use it as a main plank in his campaigning - the fact of BBC bias.

    1. Sky announced earlier tonight that they are doing leadership debates with an audience of Conservative voters, hosted by Kay Burley.

  3. Oh what fun. All it needs is the voice of Peter O'Sullevan. I wonder if Rory Bremner is available.

  4. An BBC website article today on The Conservative Party candidates states ;

    “BBC Reality Check says, under the Conservative and coalition governments, the number of police offices has fallen by somewhere between 19,000 and 22,000.”

    The BBC are now using ‘Reality Check’ as a main source for facts they quote in their articles.

    That’s a dangerous road to go down because Chris Morris and his team have been discredited many times as purveyors of subjective opinion and false facts.

    1. Yes, that's the equivalent of "My mate down the pub says..."

  5. The EU makes it clear it will never renegotiate May's deal...

    So why isn't that point put by the BBC to all the Labour spokespeople who claim they are looking for a deal that meets all their six (absurd) points.

    1. It's not May's deal though. It's an international treaty that has been signed off by all 27 'remaining' governments as well as our own. Why would you rengotiate a treaty that gives you everything they could have ever wished for and has already been signed?

  6. So the Get Boris campaign enters another stage.

    It is outrageous this prosecution is being allowed. The judge should have dismissed it out of hand as it obviously has no prospect of success.

    Why isn't George Osborne being prosecuted over his knowing lie that there would be an immediate deep recession following a Brexit vote?

    Why isn't Blair being prosecuted over his lie that there would only be a small trickle of migrants from Eastern Europe?

    Why isn't Cameron being prosecuted over his lie that he would stay in office as PM in the event Leave won the Referendum?

    Why isn't Nick Clegg being prosecuted over his lie that there were no plans for a European Army?

    1. Just a thought...

      This is a very serious criminal case. If found guilty, Boris Johnson will be liable to life imprisonment.

      So, presumably the authorities will be just as assiduous as they were with Tommy Robinson, in going after anyone on social media who is asserting Boris Johnson's guilt while this case is sub judice? People alleging Boris Johnson's guilt in social media comments (e.g. at the Guardian) will be hauled before a judge, denied a solicitor and sentenced to 13 months' imprisonment in a violent prison without a chance to see their family.

    2. Quite a few examples here of prejudicial statements in relation to the court case asserting that BJ is a liar, a racist, a p.o.s etc ...

      No doubt the police and judiciary are springing into action as I type to stop this contempt.

    3. Seemingly, this action has been 'crow funded'. Is it the same crowd that Backed Gina Miller and the Donald Trump inflatable? Crowd funding has become a convenient cover for political shenanigans.

    4. Witness the different tone and reporting style on front page the BBC website
      Boris story vs. Alistair Campbell story

      One is prosecution, one is defence.

      BBC bias in a nutshell right there

  7. @Arthur - but, but, but, Putin or Kim or anyone from Iran could've donated!!

  8. Robert Peston wearing his politics on his sleeve by tweeting support for Marcus Ball saying amongst other things ...“impressed by how as a young person he has devoted his life to fighting what he sees as dishonesty in politics”.

    The prosecution is symptomatic of where we find ourselves with politics and society.

    As MB has already stated this is a very serious development. Goodness knows where it will lead.


    1. I'm quite disgusted by those Peston tweets - and they also appear to me to be an interference in the court process. Peston is arguging that Ball is an honourable man seeking to chase lying from the political scene. But what if Boris's legal team can demonstrate he is being paid by the Russians, or is a mountebank or is obsessed by Boris in some unhealthy psychological manner. Well, then, it is clear that Peston's view will be an interference in the court process as he will be arguing against that defence. Peston is a man of high profile. It is very likely any jury will have been exposed to his views and therefore no trial can be fair in that sense.

    2. In this mockery of judicial process, Guido is alleging Marcus Ball is not a principled young man as Peston implies but someone motivated by hatred of the Referendum result and the thought of the UK leaving the European Union.

      I hope Tommy Robinson's lawyers are taking note of how this serious criminal prosecution is being commented on up and down the land with no intervention from the authorities.

    3. I don't suppose the BBC will publish any of Ball’s back story. Better to just leave it as lead story unedited for as long as possible to cause maximum damage.

      No need for them to maintain any pretence of integrity with honest, professional journalism when the battle for Johnston’s scalp is at stake. It’s all part of the bigger war against Brexit.

  9. I guess John Cleese moved to the Caribbean so he could make this observation without being arrested by one of Sadiq's Boys-Girls-TGs in Blue...

    By the way, what does Sadiq mean by telling us London is "the English capital"? England has no capital because it isn't a self-governing entity any longer. It's certainly not the capital of the English. It's certainly not a capital of a country (the UK) which coincidentally happens to be English in character. It's almost as if by using the phrase it shows how he and his advisors don't really understand the UK, Britain, England or London for that matter.

  10. AS - Pesto might like to adopt a slightly lower profile for a while.

  11. The One Show showed three couples leaving Marbella and back to the UK because of Brexit. Cue sad music and tears. Months of anxiety following the referendum and the fact we are leaving Europe (sic) means that they can no longer stay in Spain. They’ve noticed a change in attitudes of locals.

    Absolute rubbish and pure propaganda. Spain have already guaranteed that nothing will change for the expats. I’m in Marbella every month and the Brits are still there spending their money and locals are as welcoming as ever. The economy on the Costa Del Sol would collapse without the expats from all nations.

    1. This does sound like bias above and beyond the call of BBC duty...

  12. The BBC promotes its favourite cult:

    No pretence of impartiality. They are literally calling Extinction Rebellion heroes.

  13. If Boris Johnson has to go to court for alleged lying in the referendum - shouldn’t all those MPs who promised and were elected on a ticket to respect the outcome of the referendum but who now support a 2nd ref and remain be banged up too?

    1. Yes, there's a very long list of potential co-defenders. What about all those MPs campaigning who said a Leave victory in the Referendum would mean the UK would be leaving the single market and customs union, no ifs no buts, who now want us tied into the single market and customs union somehow even if we "leave" the EU.

      Then there's Cameron's lie about staying on as PM to see through our departure if Leave won the vote. That definitely affected the outcome.

    2. H/t to Annunaki on the sister channel setting out the truth about Marcus Ball (not his original name)...

      He's helpfully reproduced the article in his post at 8.04am on Biased BBC

    3. When it comes to conduct in public office, what about the Speaker who has been called out publicly by former staff and whose workplace has been the subject of an adverse report by a former senior judge pointing to his office and administration? Nothing doing. And that's without getting into antics over proceedings re Leaving the EU and his supposed leaving his post. Plenty to go on there.

  14. Heard Tom Bradby (ITV news reader) interviewed by Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 LIve. After boring on about his insomnia, friendship with the Princes and expensive pyschiatric treatment, he then spoke about his new book (fiction). He then showed his true colours by implying - though not stating explicitly that both Trump and Farage could be Russian agents. Mueller has just concluded a two year wide ranging thorough investigation and there wasn't a jot of evidence to suggest Trump colluded or conspired with Russia, or was compromised by them. Not good enough for Tom. As for Farage and the Brexit Party, Tom better be careful or he may find himself sued.

    1. Can't stand ITV News at Ten now with its overblown pompous opening and the inflated persona of its news reader now turned into a would-be American-style host with his own chatty delivery and self-projection.

  15. Another BBC reality check penned by Chis Morris

    It’s written entirely from the perspective of the EU and confirms Morris as paid up member of the remain party.

    It just parrots the EU Mantra - the WA won’t be renegotiated, don’t waste your time but this time adds the recent words of wisdom from the speaker.

  16. John Cleese says: "I think it's legitimate to prefer one culture to another For example, I prefer cultures that do not tolerate female genital mutilation."

    Sadly we don't have a single MP prepared to say the same.

  17. Well, well.....

    This is where Mr Adonis is. From 2'12".

    Anybody know why Andrew would be at Bilderberg ?
    Under who's authority is Andrew trying to hide from cameras in Switzerland ?

    1. I think we can guess...but have to say it was quite funny how he was trying to disguise his face from the camera with a solitary finger for such a long time, before giving up - realising he couldn't pretend to be scratching his nose for that long - plus someone was shouting out "Lord Adonis"!.

  18. Elton John has been speaking to The Guardian apparently:

    ... Elton John: 'I am a European – not a stupid, imperialist English idiot'
    The singer says Brexit has made him ashamed to be British, while performing in Verona during his final world tour...

    The logic here seems to be that in Elton's opinion Leave voters are 'stupid, imperialist English idiots'.

    1. "I'm a European"? Strange for one who has spent his whole career singing in an American accent...what's wrong with a good German or French accent to sing your songs in?

      Reminds me, I must iron my Union Jack trousers and polish up my Royal Wedding bowler...:) You have to look smart if you are going to be an "Imperialist English idiot".

    2. It's starting to stack up. Gavin Esler's use of the phrase 'illage idiots', Elton John's phrase 'imperialist English idiot', and now Marcus Ball (the claimant in the Boris case) thinks Leavers are thick,

    3. Sorry MB, you have just hit my pedantic usage button.

      Union Jack is only for used when the flag is on the bow of a Royal Navy ship. For every other use you say ‘union flag’.

      That’s what I was taught anyway ; )

    4. How dare you impugn my honour as an Imperialist English Idiot?

      The Chief Vexillologist (who knew there was such a thing) of the Flag Institute
      does not agree with you. From Wikipedia:
      "The claim that the term Union Jack properly refers only to naval usage has been disputed, following historical investigations by the Flag Institute in 2013."


    5. Elton was happy enough to be an English supporter of the monarchy when he sang 'Candle in the Wind'. 'English Rose'.

    6. Also strangely surely saying you are European is super nationalistic, imperialist, celebrating a colonial past and therefore racist, surely it should be world citizen?

    7. Yep - "European" gets good PR here but in China, India, Africa, the Middle East, Indo-China, Japan and Latin America it is synonymous with invasion, conquest, degradation, racial discrimination, land theft and all the rest!

  19. Spread this far and wide. Undercover footage shows Barnier saying they are going to use the Ireland issue to put pressure on the UK over trade negotiations. May's deal was/is an abject surrender!!! Spread this far and wide:

  20. HIGNFY - Hislop apparently waving two fingers at the sub judice rules as he reveals that he thought Boris was, "unsuitable & unfit for any public office." Hislop's subsequent comments bleeped out, to confirm the Beeb's contempt for legal process.

    Farage given a fairly smooth passage, partly because they thought there was more mileage in edited footage of Ann Widdecombe, frozen to show her, apparently gurning insanely - I watched that footage on the night, & Widdecombe spoke very effectively! Go through footage of anyone, frame-by-frame, & similarly unflattering stills can be found. It just won't be done to members of the Beeb's cosy côterie, though, will it?

    1. Oops! No circumflex accent on 'o' of 'coterie!'

    2. We have to remember that Tommy Robinson was imprisoned for 13 months for a far lesser offence (after the court had finished hearing evidence). But it's one law for them and another for him.

    3. Sis, thinking about what you say re HIGNFY - if what Hislop said was in contempt of the court process, even if it was bleeped out on the TV broadcast, he still said it to an audience ie made a public statement.

      It would be great if someone could follow that up and find out what Hislop said in public...we might see him banged up for 13 months after a same day trial...(jokes).

    4. That's a very nice idea, MB! Let's hope someone from Boris's legal team was watching!

  21. Dover Sentry over on Biased BBC reminds me I meant to comment on the BBC's promotion of this story:

    While the BBC have been careful to downplay many aspects of the London Bridge terrorist attack, they love this story - that it could have been prevented.

    The BBC are always looking to evaporate the ideological motivation of these horrendous attacks and emphasise "Police procedural" aspects.

    No doubt the attacks could in theory have been prevented but there are at least 5000 potential Islamic terrorists in the country and to follow them all 24/7 would take about 250,000 trained and expensive personnel. That ain't gonna happen.

    1. Yes. A despicable attempt to shift the blame from the terrorists to the security forces. That sort of argument plays well with the likes of Cage, but just infuriates the average Brit.

    2. Yep...but the BBC basically think firepower can beat if they keep firing out the same message they will win.

      They might be right,sadly.

      But on the other hand homo sapien was evolved to be a "truth-seeker" - every bit of our brain and our senses seeks the truth because we know the truth is key to our survival. If someone tells us "There is no sabre tooth tiger over there" but the truth is there is, then we die.

      So let's remain optimistic as long as optimism is not a denial of reality.

      Personally I feel the Brexit thing is a big watershed moment. If the elite can really overturn such a massive democratic vote then we should think in terms of alternative life plans to staying on this island.

  22. If anyone thinks that Ofcom is going to find the BBC is biased against Brexit they are deluded (as the Express is, or pretends to be)...

    I hope the first Populist Government of the UK takes as one of its early actions abolition of Ofcom, a meaningless virtue signaller bureaucracy bought and paid for by the globalists.

    Get rid of Ofcom first, then defund and emasculate the BBC.

    1. Have already filed & honed my gelding shears!

    2. It will be painless - as long as they just keep reading the autocue. :)

  23. I think it's good when the BBC lay into people like John Cleese and Morissey for unPC thoughts whom they previously promoted as loveable and sensible, possibly even wise. That's got to create a bit of an "Eh?" moment in the general public as in "Why are you now saying these people are beyond the pale? They are still the same people. They've given their opinions, but they've also given reasons for their opinions, but you - BBC - are not addressing the are simply condemning them for having wrong opinions."

    1. The same applies to ex TMS favourite Henry Blofeld. On leaving for a new home in Spain for his retirement, he said simply: "There aren't many English people in my part of London any more". Affectionately known by all at the BBC as 'Bloers', his stock has plummeted in BBC land. He will have been crossed off the list of go-to elder statesman - put into the same pigeonhole as John Cleese.

    2. I should have added that cricket is one of the most inclusive of all sports. Blofeld probably made friends in all corners of the earth of all races and creeds with whom he shared a common passion. His remarks re London could not under any interpretation be considered racist.

    3. ... the most inclusive of all sports? ...

      12 full members side:

      South Africa


      West indies





      Sri Lanka


      New Zealand



      93 Associate members side:

      Sierra Leone
      Saint Helena

      Cayman Islands
      Costa Rica
      Falkland Islands
      Turks and Caicos Islands
      United States

      Hong Kong
      Saudi Arabia
      United Arab Emirates

      Cook Islands
      Papua New Guinea
      South Korea

      Czech Republic
      Isle of Man

      So total 105 teams.

    4. Cricket is also the only sport where you can have a couple of pints while you watch, then take an hour's snooze, and still not miss any action. :)

  24. Early on in the BBC article about President Trumps endorsement of Boris, it says
    “as the UK braces for Mr Trump's visit ...”

    Dictionary definition of brace -
    to prepare yourself physically or mentally for something unpleasant

    1. I'm looking forward to his visit, particularly if chooses this moment to tweak the BBC's tail by referring to them as "Fake News, Folks...that's all they are, Fake News. They're not as Fake as one can be as Fake as CNN, CNN are the Fakest News of all time but the BBC are doing their best to keep up with them and produce a lot of Fake News, folks. Does that answer your question Huw?"

    2. 1pm BBC NEWS CHANNEL: Sean Lay, reporting President Trump's warm words about Boris, has just managed a perfect impression of Clive Myrie, being surprised (about most things.) It wasn't quite a Lady Bracknell (a handbag?), but not far off!

    3. Lol Lady Bracknell. Yes, a lot of the hidden BBC meaning is in the intonation. I notice it on the radio bulletins. It’s not hard to work out where they stand once they have read it.

      The bulletins on Trumps endorsement of Boris have all been ‘a handbag’ style.

  25. The Brexit Party leading the Optium poll for The Observer tonight.

    Change UK were bottom with 1%. Hahaha to Esler, Soubry and Chukka.

    I suspect this is more accurate than the fraudulent YouGov poll earlier this week where they only asked for voting intentions for Labour, Conservative and LibDems and omitting TBP. Their mealy mouthed explanation didn’t wash with me saying TBP was a minor party classed as others. (They still polled 22%)

    1. Great news! :)

      The thing I don't understand is the poll seems to have no % for DUP or Sinn Fein who currently hold 17 seats in Parliament (the "others" only get 1%). This is rather important as they say TBP would be 20 seats short of an overall majority. Conservatives could supply their 17 seats. If DUP got 10 seats again, well you have a working majority.

      Very odd there is no reference to NI - were they not included in the poll I wonder?

    2. The other interesting thing about that poll is that TBP appear to be eating into the Labour vote, not as strongly as with the Conservatives perhaps, but if TBP are going to collapse the two party system, they need to do that. There will then be lots of seats that become three way marginals between TBP, Labour and Lib Dems.

      TBP need to develop a populist agenda now to really dig into that Labour vote.

  26. Can the state decide what Muslim children are taught about gay relationships?

    This is a fascinating "Kulturkampf" as the Germans like to call it...a culture war:

    BBC are backing LGBT against the Muslim community - giving highly positive coverage to the former (an extremely soft and supportive interview of a Headteacher by Kirsty Wark on Newsnight for instance) and v. negative coverage of the latter.

    Who knew the BBC were so Islamophobic?

    I predicted when this issue first came up a few months ago that this will end in a riot and then the Government will backtrack. We are clearly several steps away from that yet but I still think it will end up that way.

    The state is marshalling the usual instruments of the state - court orders, Police intervention etc to stop the demos but I don't think they realise quite what they've taken on.

    For one thing the Muslim community has allies abroad as it did during the Rushdie affair.

    If they organise a parents' boycott of the school I have no doubt some Saudi billionaire will cough up the money to cover the education of the children.

    This is a fascinating trial of strength. There has never been any instance in history that I know of where Imams have backed down on their core I can't see it happening now.

    This is always the dynamic in Islamic societies - no Imam dare contradict the Ummah (the believers), no one in the Ummah dare contradict the Imams and those who hold political power dare not contradict the Ummah or the Imams. In those circumstances, radicals in the Ummah always tend to be making the running, pushing everyone to conformity.

    1. This issue has spun out from the control of the BBC's editors. How awkward. They can't criticise 'the community', and yet they are committed to LGBT inclusivity. I guess that these particular children do not watch the BBC output of drama either, such as Holby and Casualty, programmes in which it's rare to find anyone without 'issues'.

    2. The BBC can play out their dreams in programmes like Casualty where good old heterosexual relationships are now in the minority and far removed from the real life ratios. Last nights was a classic case in point, everything is now about getting the message across and reinforcing it. Gender is top of the list at the BBC at the moment.

      Like so much of the BBC output It’s pure propaganda fed to the masses under the guise of entertainment.

    3. RAI the BBC equivalent of the BBC have a similar approach. My wife and I enjoy Inspector Montalbano for a variety of reasons...though strangely the Italian police force seems not to have advanced to even Juliet Bravo stage - being resolutely all-male - so, stuck in the mid 70s from that point of view! But Montalbano is trying to catch up - in the latest series he's stopped making passes at young women 20 or more years his junior. Even Mimi seems to have curtailed his MeTooism.

      Otherwise, from a migration point of view it was very much current and up there with the BBC. All the migrants (illegal and otherwise) were saintly figures and useful to boot: orchestral flautists, doctors, dressmakers and so on - all very westernised and speaking perfect Italian, just like on the BBC! :) The only baddies were the traffickers; the only crime victim was a migrant. RAI also used lots of BBC-style tricks e.g. vestigial catholicism to underline the moral duty to accept all comers and also mocked an officer who was concerned about the ISIS threat. So very BBC!

  27. WTW Radio 4 - who do you turn to for an objective assessment of the Tory leadership contest pack? Well if you are Ed Stourton I guess you opt for a fellow posh RC type...Lord Patten of course...and then you allow him leisurely minutes to spout forth in predictable Left Wing Tory fashion.

    Not a single challenge was offered to Patten's patronishing e.g. his claim that no Leavers understand anything about what WTO terms means.

    Why does Ed think the Government have to ask the Commons to accept no deal? They've already legislated for no deal.

    1. Oh yeah and on BH - who do you turn to for an objective view of Trump and all things Trumpian? Why, the guy from the New York Times of course, dummy!!

  28. Though optimistic by inclination, I am not very optimistic about our country's future. Certainly achieving Brexit is probably our last chance to save our society and culture from complete erosion and ultimate collapse or disappearance.

    It's a Herculean task but you can see the outlines of a fightback: 1. Destroy the two party oligopoly and introduce PR. This requires a strong populist party. The Brexit Party might just be that party. 2. A written consitution embedding free speech and Referendum rights. 3. An end to the era of mass immigration. 4. Dismantle the institutions of PC multiculturalism and replace them with institutions that promote responsible individualism, personal empowerment, and common cultural values 5. Dismantle the BBC media/thought-control empire and create counterweights to the left-liberal dogmatists of the MSM.

    There is an increasing consensus I would say among populists, Brexiters, free speech activists, anti-communists and generally anyone not included in the lib-left PC consensus that "something needs to be done" about the BBC. But what?

    1. Abolish the licence fee. Yes, one could do that at one stroke but what would be the consequences? I have a horrible feeling that PC/Saudi/Chinese billionaires would step in and keep it afloat. It might make alliances with firms like Amazon, CNN and so on...and continue pumping out PC propaganda but without any restraint at all.

    2. Break up the BBC and sell it off in chunks. Yes, this might be part of the solution. Of course it's a PR nightmare as every station has its lobby that will create merry hell in the media. But it could make sense.

    3. Cut back on the licence fee, so putting the BBC under financial pressure. Sadly we know the BBC response is to cut back on quality programming. They won't touch their overlapping bureaucracies.

    4. Bring in institutional measures to make the BBC more truly impartial and fair. These could include: mandatory interview panels containing representatives of other media for senior personnel;allowing licence fee payers to put a portion of their licence fee to funding particular types of programming; bringing in a limit on the number of management posts with salaries over a designated figure e.g. £80,000; and allowing a fast track complaints procedure to an independent body with "equal prominence" apologies.

    I think I would aim for a mixed approach: aim for abolition of the licence fee within 4 years with the BBC moving to a subscription service; maintain "Charter" control over the BBC but make the Charter renewable every 2 years; put in place a diminishing subsidy after four years; close down or privatise parts of the network (e.g. Radio 1 Extra, Asian Network, Radio 6 Music); and introduce institutional pro-impartiality measures.

  29. On the radio this morning the BBC were heavily featuring quotes from Anne Widdecombe saying that science might produce an answer to homosexuality. Nick Boles was the voxpop condemning what she had said. I think it was on the front page of the website too but I can’t be certain about that.

    At about 10am the story was dropped down the BBC memory hole and all traces are now lost.


    1. The website article reappeared at 1845.

      What’s going on? Edited because of the by-election maybe.

    2. Nigel will have to tell her, nicely, to shut up and not fall into these elephant traps set by the media. They did well with the single focus approach on Brexit. It's valid to stick with that till a General Election. There are plenty of gay Leavers. The Brexit Party shouldn't be alientating of them. Her comments are interesting but really not wanted at this critical juncture.

      If TBP can take Peterborough then then have a real springboard for success.

  30. Cultural Marxism is being promoted on BBC Countryfile tonight by Tom Heap.

    He reminded us that 50% of the land in England is owned by 1% of the population. The super rich, old and new money were that targets - they were named and shamed as the countryside was called a tax haven for the super rich.

    He cut several Games pies in case we didn’t understand what the percentages meant.

    And the point was...? It’s all legally owned.

    At the heart of the report he was suggesting soaking the rich with a land tax or removing inheritance tax relief coupled with a government land grab and redistribution to the proletariat.

    1. What was Mad Tom proposing? Equal shares? Why not eh? Would be like Zimbabwe writ large...millions of cows and sheep starving to death, fields turning to weeds and illegal rubbish dumping everywhere.

      I said a few months ago there were many straws in the wind that we were going on "full on Far Left" on the BBC and elsewhere.

      It's hardly surprising when the BBC runs virtually no "warnings from history" about communism - what it's done, who suffered, who died, who starved, how many murders...

  31. Meanwhile...Glastonbury (the BBC's favourite right on festival) are giving big publicity to group Killdren who advocate - rather straightforwardly - "Killing Tory Scum".

    So let's get this right - people like Tommy Robinson , Anne Marie Waters and Paul J Watson who have never advocated killing their political enemies can get kicked off social media platforms but You Tube, Glastonbury and the BBC are happy to countenance thugs who advocate mass murder of political opponents.

    If Glastonbury were hosting murderous fascist skinhead bands we know the BBC would drop it in a flash. But seems like it's OK to call for murder of Conservatives.

    1. Blatant double standards by the broadcaster who did the most to promote Jo Cox to sainthood.

      At least the hatey no-hopers condemned it but the BBC have written it in a way that indicate it’s a justifiable wheeze and protest against the nasty party.


    Now withdrawn - I note this is a non apology apology...

    1. Technically that is what is known as a "we got caught out" apology.

      Seems like Killdren aren't particularly with the Remain agenda either which probably didn't help them. :)

      Killdren have clearly pissed off the whole PC crowd by exposing their own contradictions. People might start asking questions about Antifa and ER violence, death threats and so on.

  33. Good conversation with Sargon of Akaad re mass immigration...

  34. I've been putting off reading Frothing Fran's article in the Observer...

    I just thought it would be as boring as hell...the usual platitudinous nonsense.

    But it's anything but...she's basically putting her hands up and saying she is biased. Take this about Farage:

    "Yes, we interview people that some might not want to see or hear. That’s never seen as proper journalism, properly carried out. Instead we’re told we’re giving them 'a platform'.

    And, yes, I am thinking of Nigel Farage, who recently appeared on The Andrew Marr Show and Question Time – and who, as the leader of the Brexit party, won a hatful of seats in last month’s European elections."

    So here she is stating there are people you might not want to hear from...and her first thought is Farage! Whereas mine are probably Yvette Cooper, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott...the list is of course endless. For each of us no doubt the list is endless but, for Fran, the list starts and ends with Nigel Farage...doesn't that tell you something? If she truly trying to be impartial she could have said "And I know lots of viewers hate the amount of time we give to Sadiq Khan" or similar. But no - surprise, surprise - she only referenced Farage.

    Then there is that odd adjective "hatful". What normal person (as opposed to a BBC functionary) would describe 29 out of 73 seats as a "hatful". In fact, Fran, that adjectival usage is a teeny bit "hateful" methinks...suggesting you didn't like the result. Since when has a "hatful" been cognate with "most", "the greater part" or "a winning number"?

    Here's the following para in Fran's Rant:

    "Yes, we always have a responsibility to interrogate lies and half-truths as your commentators suggest. But I doubt if anyone who watched the interview would argue it was anything but robust and challenging."

    So Fran is now implicitly agreeing that Farage has told lies. If you don't reckon that inference is valid, insert "Corbyn" for "Farage" and see if you think she would ever have framed her words that way with respect to Corbyn who has been caught out in any number of lies over the years.

    I could carry on till dawn but I'll stick with a couple more observations:

    1. She quotes a BBC-commissioned opinion poll to justify belief in the BBC's integrity!!! lol Since when were we supposed to be so gullible? That's incredible that she could think that would persuade anyone of anything. It's like expecting us to believe an opinion poll commisioned by the Conservatives about their future electoral performance!

    2. "The BBC is for everyone..." It's clearly not for democrats who believe mass immigration, Sharia infiltration and PC multiculturalism have been a disaster or, at least extremely negative, for the UK. If Fran believes it is in that way "for everyone" , then presumably she could point to a few programmes that reflect those viewpoints (I can't think of a single one). By the way these opinions aren't minority opinions, despite what the BBC want you to believe. They are probably in the 40-60% range in opinion polls.

    1. Well spotted, MB!
      Fran Unsworth: "Don't claim without any evidence that journalists such as John Humphrys choose to attack certain guests and let others reel off speeches uninterrupted."

      How about journalists such as Mishal Hussein & Evan Davis, who cause Craig's interruptometer to blow a fuse? And when they are confronted with evidence via an official complaint, how do they react? - Denial!

    2. Also liked her claim that climate science is "largely settled" - Oh no, it ain't!

    3. Yep, I am sure Craig could supply her with a metre-wide file of Interruption Bias Evidence.

      I remember myself doing some time analysis of BBC reports during the Referendum campaign and they nearly always gave substantially more time to Remain voices than Leave voices in their "balanced" programmes...and then they would have a "neutral" observer on from a "respected" think tank to give their opinion. The think tank in question would nearly always be one that was basically pro-Remain organisation or received large amounts of money from the EU.

      And, yes, anyone who thinks climate science is "settled" doesn't realise just how very, very complex climate science is.

    4. That's a superb summary of Frannie's piece MB.

  35. 1pm News: After the regulation Trump-bashing, on to the D-Day commemorations. What a pity that the Beeb chose to intersperse coverage of returning UK D-Day veterans with footage of AMERICAN troops in landing craft. Do the children at the BBC not know the difference between a British & an American helmet?

    1. I very much doubt they do!

  36. The Killdren scandal is even worse than I thought. Was just looking at the Sunday Times. Apparently on Killdren's Facebook page they have a photo of Jacob Rees-Mogg and his family with the slogan over it "Kill All Tory Scum (and their children)".

    That is pure evil.

    But the BBC is at pains to ensure we hear the band's defence - which has clearly been written by solicitors would be my view.

    Some questions:

    1. Why is the BBC covering for the band by not mentioning the photo of JRM and his children.

    2. Why is the band not described as Far Left in the same way that people alleged (rarely with any evidence) to be promoting violence on the other end of the spectrum are described by the BBC as "Far Right"?

    3. Why are the band given so much publicity to defend themselves - the BBC does not afford populist or right wing figures the same privilege.

    4. Why the attempt to play down the significance of the story - claiming the band would not be a major draw?

    5. Why have the band not been arrested and charged with incitement to violence?

    1. (Saint) Jo Cox, good; JR-M & children...

  37. Did anyone hear the Gorka-Barnett ding dong on Radio 5 Live. Sadly I came in right at the end. Gorka was laying into Gorka for sympathising with anti-semites...Emma Barnett tried to bring it back to more comfortable ground - alleging Trump was tweeting in childish fashion, claiming that the last time she heard the term "loser" was in the playground. Gorka then picked her up on that clear lie which she did not like at all. After some confused wrangling, with her unable to justify the claim, she rudely terminated the interview.

    I'd love to hear the whole thing, so hope it comes up on You Tube eventually as I am a BBC Sounds refusenik.

    1. Sorry - should have been "Gorka was laying into Khan".

    2. I'll post a transcript soon.

    3. Thanks Craig - informative, entertaining and educational. :) Lord Reith would be proud - of Sebastian Gorka!

  38. Karl Turner MP thought he'd have some fun at Trump's - comments could be going better...

  39. Just listening to Philip Hammond on Newsnight...such defeatism- he must be a major author of the abject surrender. He fully accepts the EU negotiating position as though it is the only reality. He must be removed swiftly. Hopefully deselected.

    I am beginning to doubt whether the Conservative Party can save itself. If they allow a vulture like Hammond to block the path to our future, they will be destroyed.

  40. This visit has only just begun and already the Great Disruptor is tweeting angry thoughts and breaching diplomatic niceties.

    More bile and bias from BBC!

    1. They are all protecting Khan by not referencing the insulting nature of Khan's comments (comparing democratically elected and constitutional President Trump with 20th century fascists - this from a man who has campaigned for radical Islamic militants).

      Here's an examples from James Lansdale:

      "At the same time, Mr Trump launched a verbal attack on the mayor of the city in which he is now a guest, calling Sadiq Khan "a stone cold loser" for questioning why the President had been granted a state visit."

    2. Why isn't the BBC questioning the loyalty of Khan as effectively he is questioning the authority of HM?
      But then, as John Cleese suggested and Khan confirmed, London is no longer an English city, (but part of the Caliphate?).

    3. London is transitioning...

      Where it will end up, no one knows. One option is to become part of a wider Caliphate at some future date. At present it resembles New York more, as a series of ethnic fiefdoms with a core dedicated to extreme money-making - but without any overarching identity equivalent to Americanism.

  41. Tonight's Newsnight was worthy of a thesis in its own right, I've never seen anything quite like it.
    Has Trump started a war ?!
    Unlike Charlie Falconer, Alastair Campbell and Blair with tacit support from the BBC.

    The hypocrisy and obfuscation is just getting worse.
    I hope the kick back against Mueller and his report comes quickly and brutally just to shut some of these people up.

  42. When Remainiacs like Campbell, Soubry, Blair and Falconer present our continued membership of the EU as being progressive, enlightened and rational, remember this:

    This is the reality of the society they have created through EU membership, mass immigration policies and their toleration of corrupt landlordism...30 people living and sleeping in a 3 bed semi in what used to be a fairly prosperous part of London.

    This might be an extreme example but overcrowded and illegal accommodation is now a serious problem right across London and as more and more of these recent migrants have families, so the pressure on the state sector becomes unbearable. There is similarly huge pressure on the education and health sectors.

    1. This is an old story I’m about to relate, already published a number of times over the last few years from various sources and relevant to MBs post above. I also heard it first hand from very senior people (directors) at Tesco when I did business with them in 2014.

      That was five years ago so things will have changed.

      They said that they were absolutely certain from clubcard monitoring and their market shares and sales volumes that the population was about 10 million higher than official figures and that London had by far the highest concentration of under reporting.

    2. Yes, I've heard that from a number of sources over the years.

      There are a number of explanations:

      1. Illegal immigration. Passport swapping is one example. You get a friend to take your passport out of the country. It is then used by someone abroad to get into the country. Border patrol will be reluctant to challenge anyone with a UK passport even if the photo doesn't look like 100% likeness. Imagine the hassle if you challenged and got it wrong. As long as the likeness is passable they are waved through. This scam is revealed by the fact that in one year, that I checked, some 90,000 people claimed to have lost their passport. I have never known anyone lose their passport. It's about the one thing people take good care of. I've known people mislay it...but it nearly always turns up. That 90,000 figure is a red flag I would say. Maybe 80,000 bogus claims each year - 800,000 in a decade. Soon mounts up.

      2. Business visa visitors. Last time I checked there were 8 million business visitors to the UK in one year. Yes that isn't a typo...8 MILLION. Most of these "businesses" will be basically inactive companies only flats is my guess. Essentially lots of foreigners (especially Chinese) are in London as semi-permanent residents on these visas.

      3. Student population. Only about 250,000 but will be part of the figure presumably.

      4. Many EU migrants are here informally, I would suggest, not appearing for tax or other purposes.

      5. Lastly we had 40 million tourists in 2018. I am not sure about rules on visiting UK as a tourist but as with business visitors I expect many "tourists" are essentially living here on a semi-permanent basis. It appears you can stay here for up to six months on visitor visas, and longer if you are claiming you are having private medical treatment here (I bet there's a roaring trade in bogus claims of treatment).

      It is amazing is it not how the BBC and the MSM have absolutely no interest whatsoever in this mystery of the "missing population"!

  43. Here's a tale of a right-on writer for the BBC who's a Gay apparently but not correct on all points of the alphabetical community:
    'At this point a section of the Dr Who fandom agitated for my removal. Also, some of the other contributing authors to the book (I don’t know who) threatened to withdraw if I was involved. BBC Books immediately folded to these demands, and I was informed that although I would be paid my story would not be published, as they judged – wrongly, in my opinion – that a potential boycott would make the book ‘economically unviable’.

    1. Snap! Great minds think alike. (See post below).

    2. Ah, good. I've seen your post now. If only this lunacy wasn't real.

    3. Ex-ter-min-ate free thought! Ex-ter-min-ate free thought!!

  44. This is funny!

  45. James this really the thread of an "impartial, free and fair" BBC journalist or is the thread of a biased anti-Trump fanatic who will do anything, including distorting the facts, to stop his political enemy getting even a millimetre of advantage from this State Visit?

    Also notice Cook's unlovely animus against there something you want to tell us James? Are you having Galloway-Corbyn-Tonge type thoughts? Come on, let us know what you're thinking...

  46. Just wanted to mention the FAKE NEWS - not just bias - I heard on BBC radio news earlier yesterday...

    They claimed (1) Trump insisted that the NHS must be part of the trade deal and (2) That May "rebuked" him by stating that this would all be subject to negotiation.

    What I recall hearing was: 1. Trump was asked specifically when the NHS would be "on the table" and he answered that it would because "everything" is on the table in negotiations. That seemed a perfectly reasonable statement of the obvious. He did NOT state that any US-UK trade deal definitely had to include as an outcome free trade in relation to all aspects of the NHS. 2. May did not "rebuke" him. She simply clarified that both sides would be arguing for their national interest and this would all form part of the negotiations. Again, that simply seemed a perfectly reasonable statement designed to head off absurd no avail.

  47. when = whether


    Did the BBC report that someone (Based Amy) deflated the Trump Blimp?

    1. As far as I can see (from TV Eyes) only RT covered it.

      They said, "In the meantime a protester has deflated what they thought was the iconic baby blimp. As a woman slashed the balloon she livestreamed the attack labelling the blimp |"a disgrace". During the video she dubbed the incident "a birthday present to herself". The police arrested the protester shortly after the attack. The anti-trump demonstrators were quick to pack up the deflected object. The Trump Baby Blimg team let us know that the punctured balloon was actually a replica, half the size of the iconic version".

      (This is the lady in question: LegoLASS{@MouseTr1).

  49. Looks like this video of Far Left scum violently attacking someone they don't agree with has got 2.8 million views...

    This might just swing it in Peterborough...if thousands have seen this video. This is the face of PC-Corbyn-BBC-Labour...hate, hate, hate.

    Enough people might just be prepared to come out and vote for The Brexit Party to save their country.

    My fingers are crossed. :)

    (Presumably none of this lefty hate fest has been shown on the BBC...I take that as read.)

    1. Lucy Manning on BBC News at Ten did fit it in:

      "There were pockets of tension. A pro-Trump supporter had a milkshake thrown at him and was surrounded by a group of protesters."

  50. Sadly today I caught both WATO and PM. Just like to say that I think the BBC is, quite illegally, promoting tactical voting in the Peterborough by-election.

    They are making the most of the Change UK debacle but keep pressing the idea that people will now flock to the Lib opposed to the Greens, or Labour or the pro-EU party.

    It's clear to me the BBC are trying to influence the outcome of the Peterborough by-election because that are TERRIFIED that The Brexit Party will win it!


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