Saturday 29 June 2019

Gettin' Merky

Oh dear! I think Stormzy is making me racist. Forgive me, but definitely having racist thoughts. 
‘Yeah, f***ing repping, innit, I get merky, they get worried If you got a G-A-T, bring it out.’ 
It might be partly down to the lyrics and partly down to the BBC’s wall-to-wall promotion of Glasto.

(Neat patriotic stab-vest, though.)

It all began with Desert Island Discs. I’m having slightly ‘racist’ (elitist (?)) thoughts about Lauren Laverne, if I’m honest. Let’s just say she’s no Roy Plomley. Such intrusive thoughts even led me to question the rationale behind inviting Emily Eavis to present her eight of the best. A particularly dreary selection I thought. That says something - I’m not quite sure what. Oh dear, that’s another mean thing to say. I am a bad person.

‘Shut up’ seems like a catchy number. So I will.


  1. Surely the BBC as a public service broadcaster has a responsibility not to broadcast songs that can only make gun and knife crime glamorous. A gat I learn is a firearm. Merking has to do with stabbing I believe.

    I hope someone can be bothered to complain to the BBC about their total hypocrisy on this subject.

    Yes, I know we had Mac the Knife in the past...but back then we didn't have hundreds of young people being stabbed up and down the country.

    1. Tonight I watched (courtesy of the BBC) my favourite festival band, The Killers, at Glastonbury. Very enjoyable (despite the sad absence of two of the original band). They had Pet Shop Boys and Johnny Marr as geusts - worked well. They sang Morissey's song This Charming Man...bit of a slap in the face for the BBC who are trying to unperson Morissey. Brandon Flowers is not a reliable PC celeb...

      The only thing that was gnawing at me was the Jon Snow might have said - I've never seen so many white people gathered together in one place. Surely the BBC must stop broadcasting such racist programming going forward? Alternatively could they not give free 100K tickets to the under-represented. I am sure the Eavis family would be only too happy to support this equality drive.


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