Monday 24 June 2019

Truly Baffled

Liam Gallagher: Knife crime fears for his children.

It's doubtful that the Gallaghers are ‘forced’ into a drugs-gang ‘by poverty’, but can anyone tell me why this is headline news? Truly baffled. Y’na wa’ah mean?

The video has subtitles, which is considerate, and a little Jo Brand-ish incitement “Crack round the ‘ead.” 

Not sure if the BBC taking the proverbial - i.e., laughing “at” rather than “with”, like the hilarious documentary about the Goss Bros? 

I don’t get it. Nah w’ah mean?

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  1. It's headline news because it's the annual licence-fee-payers-pick-up-the-tab beano to Glastonbury. You mean, you didn't know it was on the BBC?

    As for the interview, well. Do you know what he means?


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