Tuesday 2 July 2019

Glasto: like being hit over the head with a copy of the Guardian

So much to say - so little time  - but I thought this was worth a read. Brendan O’Neill is spot on here! (and it’s BBC related)

The great irony of Stormzy’s Glastonbury set. (£) Poor you if you haven’t got access to Speccie online. Here’s a taster:

“Watching Glastonbury feels increasingly like being hit over the head with a copy of the Guardian. David Attenborough rocked up to congratulate the festival on giving up plastic. ‘Yaaay!’, screamed the crowd, before heading back to their plastic tents. (Attenborough rather overlooked the fact that, thanks to the plastic-bottle ban, people had to queue for ages in blazing heat for water refills…) 
Olly Alexander of Years and Years gave a five-minute lecture on the meaning of the word ‘queer’, because that’s exactly what you want when you’re at a rock gig, right? There were anti-Brexit posters — put up by the billboard movement Led By Donkeys — and what could be more establishment than loathing Brexit? 
Columnists caught the spirit of the new, stiff, PC Glastonbury with articles titled ‘Beauty tips for Glastonbury that don’t include cultural appropriation’ and ‘Can Glastonbury help me shed my toxic masculinity?’”

If you’re not a subscriber you’ll miss the comments, they’re mostly spot on too. Of course, there’s one jarring note (Isn’t there always?) It’s the first para. B O’N calls Stormy a talented guy and says he likes his new single.
Well, I suppose one might flag that up in one's intro if one doesn’t want to seem like a grumpy old codger.

Me? Just call me Mrs Pickles.

His Honour James Pickles. R.I.P.


  1. What does Olly think of Stormzy's numerous homophobic comments and vile lyrics?

    What to make of the fatuousness of Attenborough's little speech? The plastic waste was always collected at Glastonbury. The chances of any of it getting into the ocean to strangle a turtle or poison a whale is minimal. The vast majority of plastic waste comes down the Indus, Ganges, Niger and Yangtze.

    Actually about the only interesting thing I've read on the BBC website is an article about a Mexican scientist who has invented a new type of biodegradable organic plastic from a cactus. It looked remarkably good and versatile.


    I wish the BBC would focus more on virtuous solutions rather than virtue signalling.

  2. I expect there was less for the clear-up team (paid, not volunteers as the BBC implied) this year and many did take their tents and wellies home with them. I think I'll reserve judgement until the next time it's a mudbath, when anything on the ground is instantly ruined and tents abandoned and debris wantonly abandoned.


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