Tuesday 30 July 2019

At the sharp end

This is a turn up for the books. Gosh, that’s an old-fashioned expression - it’s supposed to mean ‘an unexpected piece of good fortune’. In that case, scrap that. This is unexpected alright, but it’s not exactly a piece of good fortune. 

Remember Dr Rosena Allin-Khan? She was the subject of a couple of our recent posts after she’d managed to generate a flurry of anti-Israeli broadcasts about the Israeli medical profession’s heartless cruelty to Gazans. Babies dying alone? Parents denied permits to accompany child cancer sufferers for treatment? Yes, those.

There was a nasty interview in which deputy Israeli ambassador Sharon Bar-Li was at the sharp end of one of Mishal Husain’s customary tongue-lashings and at the blunt end, Dr Allin-Khan was invited to a leisurely stroll on Husain’s personal red-carpet.    

Now you’ve remembered all that, clock this. 

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan:
“So, in my quest to improve the permit system, I had a very lively radio discussion with the Deputy Israeli Ambassador - something which continued in the green room at the BBC. Weeks later, she invited me to meet with her to discuss it further. 
So last week, I went to the Israeli Embassy to discuss it, in the hope to get some traction, to improve the permit system - which will benefit thousands of Palestinians waiting for hospital treatment. 
Instead of supporting my work, those purporting to support the Palestinian cause have spouted horrible anti-Semitic abuse. See some examples here - it’s disgusting, these views are abhorrent - but also misguided and ill-informed.”

"This behaviour does nothing to help the Palestinian cause. I have been there, called out what I’ve seen and spoken in the press. Am I now not meant to work to improve this dreadful situation? 
I’ve worked with Palestinians across the Middle East for 10 years - but these racists think they can sit behind a keyboard here in the U.K and troll someone genuinely trying to help. It’s revolting - it’s wrong."

This looks a little like self-pity rather than a genuine dawning of the light, but it’s a start. At least she’ll see what it’s like to be at the sharp end of unfair criticism.


  1. Yet another MP not concerned about treatment of Hindus and Christians in Pakistan, or Buddhists in Tibet or Jews and Christians in Saudi Arabia, or Black people in Arab countries? But very, very, very concerned about Palestinians. Why only them? They do very well out of the "refugee status" racket, particularly given there haven't been any Palestinian refugees for 50 years.

    What is it about Palestinians that makes their travails - mostly self-inflicted - so bad for these MPs?

    Once you answer that question, the riddle is solved.

  2. C***ing Yid licker ! Classy.

  3. I am afraid the barrage of BBC lies and misinformation about Israel will continue. I fully expect that the central lie that anti-Semitism is not connected to anti-Zionism will be ramped up by the BBC. To do otherwise would be to admit to the part they have played in creating the disgusting vitriol evident in those tweets.

    The case of the twelve Israeli teenagers was a case in point, which alarmingly was the third most read story on the BBC News website. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but I have yet to find the article on the same website that explains that it turned out to be a non-story after all. But even if the correction had appeared the poison is already in the minds of their audience. This is how the BBC operate.

    1. When the story broke about the Israeli boys being arrested for rape I came upon a vile Twitter thread (I forget what led me there) where there were hundreds of semi-literate tweets about Israeli malevolence and much gloating over the Israelis’ inherent propensity to ‘rape’.

      Then the girl withdrew the allegations, leaving the tweeters high and dry. I suppose to save face they could try “Well, it’s still the kind of thing Israelis do” - but of course that won’t wash because not so long ago the Israel-bashing community were accusing the IDF of being racist against Palestinian women for NOT raping them.


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