Saturday 20 July 2019

Brexit - "such an idiotic proposition"

In case you missed it......


  1. Well done Michelle!

    June and Rachel just hysterical in response.

    "Complaints-from-both-sides" Greg is not very credible.

    Ferrari pretty useless as always. I always get the impression he's mentally looking at his bank balance whenever he opines, as in "I need to be careful I don't jeopardise my career here, so I will calibrate my opinion to sound a little risque but not too much."

    Michelle is quite right to say that many people are afraid to admit they voted Brexit if they work in the professions. I know people like that. Project Fear is not just about lies, it is about creating fear in people who support Brexit.

    Craig - send Michelle some Craigometer readings! :)

  2. This vid deserves more attention


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