Sunday 21 July 2019

Of Malleus Episcoporum and Me

There's an ardent atheist chap on Twitter who calls himself 'Malleus Episcoporum‏' ('Hammer of the Bishops') and every week he sends tweet after tweet to BBC Radio 4's Sunday programme denouncing the people responsible for the programme for being shameless apologists for religion.

Similarly, over the lifetime of this blog, I've posted countless pieces denouncing the people responsible for the programme for being shamelessly biased types forever banging on about a narrow range of liberal-left topics in often highly one-sided ways.

What do Malleus and myself get out of still doing this? Well, I hope it's not just because it's become a habit these days but because we still see it as symptomatic of something about the BBC we don't like and don't think is right.

Today's programme, for example, had a discussion about a new book titled 'We Need To Talk About Race' (like the BBC does anything else these days!) which featured (a) its author who thinks we do need to talk about race and (b) another guest who agreed 100% with him (and said as much!).

And there was a typical Sunday interview with a gay Jewish bloke who was appalled by a right-wing religious minister in the Israeli government's supportive comments about gay conversion therapy.

And there was the usual pro-immigration Church of England bishop being interviewed about his support for Labour-run Liverpool's decision to oppose the government over its policy on rough-sleeping migrants.

It's not that Sunday can't be interesting at times, but its way-of-thinking is so like that of a typical present-day soggy-left Anglican bishop that I'm inclined to keep on hammering it to infinity and beyond.

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