Monday 29 July 2019

Much discomfort in woke-left circles

I bet the BBC (singular) were *was delighted to report that a bunch of teenage Israeli tourists had been arrested in Cyprus for the rape of a 19-year-old British woman. Something to counter-balance the UK’s grooming-gang debacle perhaps? 
As well as initially getting their ages muddled (one of the accused was 20 so not a teenager) the incident didn’t turn out to be quite the story they *it (singular) had hoped for. 

(* Oh, Jacob Rees-Mogg M.P., Esq., this is getting weird.)

Of course, this may not be the end of the tale. Some Israelis, perhaps protective of their country’s image, are angry with the boys for taking advantage of this girl and, to make matters worse, filming whatever it was that happened. 

If the girl made up the accusation to cover her humiliation, that was a bad choice; worse than involving herself in the first place. 

I’m not gloating over the BBC’s loss of a good story, though.  It might not turn out well for anyone.

To cheer yourself up, read about the terrible dilemma thrown up by the shocking incident of the niqab-clad homophobe and the gay. “The clip has caused much discomfort in woke-left circles.”
Brendan O’Neill is on top form.  Much discomfort all round.


  1. "Also, very importantly we cannot call out one form of hate but be silent/complicit on others."Sorry, Yusuf, but that is exactly what the Islamo-Left-Green-Globalist alliance do.

    Can there really be an Islamo-Left-Green-PC-Globalist alliance? The answer appears to be yes, despite its many contradictions. I think it's because they all think they will ultimately triumph. The Islamic contingent think there will eventually be a universal Caliphate. The Marxists think there will eventually be a World Socialist Republic, with all the means of production controlled by the workers. The Globalist capitalists think capitalism is going to ultimately triumph by turning everyone - from Afghan Taliban to rainforest tribespeople into decultured consumers. The Greens think they are going to tame humanity and return the world to a state of nature. The PC element think that they are spearheading a new era of personal liberation and realisation (think Markle and Vogue) that will ultimately take in all human beings across the planet. They all feel their global project can be helped by one or more of the others.

    1. That has always been the case for 'the left', an alliance of those with a grievance. Unfortunately when 'the system' has been 'smashed' they will find that they agree on nothing! ('The Life of Brian' captures that well!)
      In recent years we have had St. Obama, brought in on a wave of 'change' but then no-one could agree how and what to change so not much did.

  2. Leftie to a bigoted Muslim:"that's what the racists and facists say about you"

    Leftie to a bigoted White:"Racist! Facist!"

  3. Yeah I heard that at the end - unbelievable, also “say about you” surely he just identified her race / religion which in itself is non PC.

  4. Interesting take on the pride abuse story from the BBC, "the police are investigating the youtube video of the incident" implication, it was in some way staged ?
    Then the "alleged homophobic abuse from an apparently niquab wearing woman" implication it was an English white racist in disguise and the whole thing was a right wing false flag operation.
    Move along now, nothing to see here..


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