Friday 19 July 2019

Who am I?

This blog has an agenda. We contend that the BBC is biased towards the political left and against the political right.  

Clive Lewis and his fellow Corbynistas also believe the BBC is biased, but as they see it, the bias swings the other way. To them, anything a fraction to the right of magic Steptoe appears ‘right’ (and wrong.) They say the BBC is the voice of the ‘establishment' and mouthpiece of the government.  

But their outdated perception of  “the establishment” is based on the 1950s, when the subservient lower ranks knew their place and willingly doffed their caps to the gentry and respectable folk had a short back and sides. (What goes around comes around, they say, and oddly, after its journey through the decades through the Beatle cut, the mullet, the curly perm and various gravity-defying gelled concoctions the Hitler hair-cut is back; Kim Jong Un is today’s hair icon.) (Oh, young man! )

Corbyn’s Labour Party is still childishly fighting an establishment that is nothing like the post-war prim and proper, hang ‘em and flog ‘em ruling class of their imagination.  They’re stuck in a time-warp and they can’t digest the fact that the present-day progressive establishment is liberal, non-binary, LGBQ, same-sex everything, tattooed, pierced and (cognitively dissonantly) Islamophillic. 

As evidence that the BBC has a right-wing bias, they produce a biased study by left-wing academics, and on the rare occasions that the BBC ‘gives a platform’ to people with whom they disagree (It happens - Rob Burley says so.) they screech “Triggered!” and “no platform!” and insist it shouldn’t be allowed.

Our agenda tells us that the BBC’s institutional, socialist, leftie-liberal consensus is so consensual that they’re inured to it, as if they’ve been immersed in a never-ending version of the of ‘who am I?’ game, only the post-it notes stuck to their foreheads with ‘socialist’ written on them have been there for so long that they’ve lost interest in playing.

Back in the days when we started this blog, BBC bias-spotting was more niche. Nowadays everyone and his dog are on the case. (And a fat lot of good we’re doing, sitting here in our mothers’ basements in front of our greasy keyboards with our acne and our cauliflower ears because the bias is getting worse, not better.) 

I’ve been conscious of the anti-Israel prism through which the BBC taints its Middle East reporting for years. Several MPs are in on it too,  perhaps ‘radicalised’ by the BBC, or through their constituents.  It’s not just within Labour,  but it affects individuals from both ends of the political ‘scrotum’, as someone once malapropped when searching for ‘spectrum’. 

The Lib Dems with their David Wards and their Jenny Tonges, and some Labour backbenchers including Jeremy Corbyn, the late Gerald Kauffman and Andy Slaughter are renowned for anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian activism and have been for years. There is also the newer intake, the Naz Shahs the Tulip Sadiqis and assorted MPs representing predominantly Muslim constituencies.

If Corbyn’s unexpected elevation to chief puppet for the opposition was worrying, then the media’s inability to recognise the racist nature of his little clique’s pro-Palestinian prejudice was even more so. 

When the spectacle of antisemitism in the Labour Party was propelled into the limelight, largely due to the marathon evidence-gathering exercise of investigative journalist David Collier things changed. He came up with a catalogue of damning evidence, and the mainstream media belatedly pricked its ears up. Now you can read all about it in the OMG Mail online
EXCLUSIVE: Corbyn met with group of Hamas extremists in PARLIAMENT who called for attacks on the Royal Navy, boycotted Holocaust Memorial Day and praised suicide bombers - as it emerges he secretly visited terror group in Ramallah
“It comes as it emerged that Corbyn went with spin doctor Seamus Milne on a secret visit to Hamas extremists in Ramallah in 2010, failing to declare the trip in violation of parliamentary rules.”
A picture from the 2015 event in Parliament shows Corbyn flanked by Daud Abdullah, who signed a letter saying that the Royal Navy should be attacked if it tried to help prevent weapons from being smuggled to terror groups in Gaza.
Here he is with BBC Dateline’s Abdel Bari Atwan and Azzam Tamimi.

“Jenny Tonge sits in the centre, surrounded by her mates.Extremists listen to Corbyn's speech. Azzam Tamimi, left, said he wanted to blow himself up in a suicide attack; Mohammed Swalha, who represented Hamas in a visit to Russia last year, second left; Jenny Tonge, who was suspended from the Lib Dems for anti-Semitism, third left; Daud Abdullah, who called for attacks on the Royal Navy and boycotted Holocaust Memorial Day, fifth left”

and Corbyn’s deputy antisemite Andy Slaughter is pictured with Hamas officials.

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