Thursday, 4 July 2019

BBC Appeal

My splendid friend David Keighley of News-watch has launched a crowdfunding appeal today called Stop The Bias.

It aims to raise £30,000 to fund a judicial review of the BBC's own methodology for monitoring bias - a judicial review the BBC is bound to fight every step of the way with the licence fee payer's pennies and pounds.

Shouldn't the BBC be held to account by rigorous, independent, external monitoring rather than by its own barely-existent, self-trusting 'checks and balances'? And how will the BBC possibly justify in court its absurd 'opinion polls show we're trusted on bias so, ergo, that proves that we're impartial' line?

The crowdfunding appeal was only launched this morning and is already over a quarter of the way there. There's clearly a public appetite for legal action against the BBC as regards bias. 

If you want to contribute, the Crowd Justice website link is here.

1 comment:

  1. The target was easily achieved

    I not sure I support a legal challenge, cos it will likely be a stitch up.
    ..and probably a road to nowhere.
    Whereas correcting progs by contacting staff while they air is possible
    and at least in trying you expose the bias to the public.