Sunday 14 July 2019


I was just about to switch off the TV when this came up. Sunday Politics South West.
Would you believe that antisemitism problems have penetrated the Cornwall branch of the Labour Party? 

Having lived most of my life ‘undercover’ if you know what I mean, I’ve found myself within earshot of low-level antisemitism from the mouths of people who would have been mortified if they’d realised they were offending an actual Jew and even more surprised to discover that the friend they’d been interacting with quite happily for years was secretly a hook-nosed, money-worshipping, miserly, horned individual with a rudimentary tail and a plan to take over the world.

The most overt antisemitism occurred ‘out of county’ and could pop up unexpectedly in whatever location I happened to be in at the time. (All over the place, that’s me.) In fact when we first returned to Cornwall, (where I grew up) the place seemed so remote from metropolitan politics that the identity thing never seemed an issue. 

However, now that full-on Marxism has taken hold of Labour, we have to acknowledge that the virus of antisemitism is part of the package. When you see messages like ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn' inscribed in the sand on some of Cornwall’s magnificent beaches, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Cllr Tim Dwelly seems like a good man. He resigned from Labour because of this scandal and stands as an independent. And here in the regional edition of Sunday Politics, we see the prospective Labour Party parliamentary candidate (Jennifer Forbes PPC) trying to defend dear leader by suggesting we look at “Jeremy’s history”. Of course, the examples of Jeremy's history she specifies include “Signing EDMs in parliament to support Jewish people” and not his ‘history’ of commemorating the graves of terrorists, inviting Raed Salah to tea on the terrace of the HoC, supporting Hamas and Hezbollah, advocating the RoR for the 5 million Palestinian refugees and so on.

Cornwall is currently embroiled in a row about plans to build thousands of new houses in the county, some of which are apparently set aside to accommodate Manchester’s (and other cities’) overspill.
 The councillors have a lot on their plate.


  1. Or they could, um, deport all those people in the cities who shouldn't be there. A lot greener.

    Oh no, wait. Everyone is 'green' until it comes to housing and immigration.

  2. I am particularly impressed with the concept of Bob's World - it's ideal for Cornwall - just what is needed to destroy one of the few remaining areas of the UK with a strong and as yet uncontaminated local identity. Whoever dreamt up this must have been to the Sadiq Kahn School of town planning in which house building becomes easy - it's just a mater of squeezing a quart into a pint pot over and over again.

  3. ... just a mater ... just a matter ...


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