Saturday 27 July 2019

Harping on

On an old theme, probably harped by bards these days, today's Dateline London on the BBC News Channel was one of those editions where a right-leaning, pro-Brexit guest is let in and allowed to counter the programme's' usual, sometimes suffocating left-liberal, anti-Brexit bias. 

Today it was blog favourite Alex Deane. 

Alex - as ever on Dateline the doughty Christian in the lion's den - not only didn't get eaten but repeatedly bopped the three opposing lions on the nose as well. 

Our Alex, in a good way, never disappoints. 

One of those ravenous lions was another of our blog favourites, Nabila Ramdani. She never disappoints either - though in a less good way. 

Our Nabs went off on not just one but on several. Yes, the new Boris Johnson-led government, according to Our Nabs, is sinister, far-right, extreme, freaky, etc, etc. 

And she really, really, really had it in for Priti Patel. (Hmm. Wonder why? Is it cos Priti is right-wing and pro-Israel, or is it cos Priti is Hindu?). 

All of this said, I'm pleased to be able to say something wholly positive. Carrie Gracie is much, much better at chairing the programme than once-nice Gavin Esler. He was Change UK's spokesman on the BBC long before he left the BBC or before Change UK was even formed.


  1. Nabila Ramdani! Oh wish I'd seen that. It's always a treat to see her attempt to keep a hold on her barely suppressed volcanic rage and hatred. :)

    1. You really should watch it. Her barely suppressed volcanic rage and hatred erupted like Mount Etna after an exceptionally strong curry today, especially when Priti Patel crossed her mind. She even alarmed Carrie Gracie with her anti-(Hindu)-Priti Patel diatribes.


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