Saturday 27 July 2019

John Simpson does it again

Do I bother too much about BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson's often highly opinionated Fran-Unsworth-busting tweets?

Well, even if I do, here's the great Afghan burka babe's latest Twitter outburst:

What tickled my fancy here, besides his telling EU reference, is than John didn't mention the only country to even remotely rival China, executions-wise, at the moment: namely the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is relevant, particularly given that several earlier posts here at ITBB noted how BBC types, especially John Simpson, have been regularly defensive in favour of Iran. (Please read our linked posts about it if you doubt it).

Iran carried out more than 253 executions in 2018, beating Saudi Arabia by around a hundred executions and Pakistan by some 240 executions. It's either first or second (depending on the mystery on the numbers executed in China). 

So why did Impartial John 'forget' his beloved Iran here?

A tweet may be a minor thing, but if the BBC's World Affairs Editor is making a point here and, whilst doing so, somehow 'forgets' Iran - either the biggest or second biggest offender of all (with China as the complicating factor) - because he's sympathetic towards their country because of their past treatment at 'Western' hands, then that's surely something, isn't it?

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  1. Iran doesn't get a mention but the EU does. Is this another 'Project Fear' hint? Once out of the EU it will be kids down the mines and up the chimneys and heads on spikes on Westminster bridge? Somehow we managed to stop doing these things before we joined the EEC/EU.


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