Sunday 21 July 2019

Duly noted

As a would-be blog of record about BBC bias, we ought to record the maybe-related fact (noted by Anon on the open thread) that the BBC has apparently admitted that both Fiona Bruce and their business editor Simon Jack were "potentially in breach of its guidelines" by agreeing to speak at "a lucrative engagement for a firm accused of inadvertently helping criminals to obtain passports". Both Fiona and Simon pulled out of the event after the Daily Mail "revealed the potential breach of BBC rules". 

1 comment:

  1. Cue Panorama documentary: "Tonight we reveal the secret organisation undermining the whole of the UK...the shadowy network of subversives, terrorist sympathisers, and consorters with criminals known by its three sinister initials... running a protection racket targetting over 75s and seeking to turn young minds into cult followers...and who is the mastermind behind this web of evil? [Pic of Lord Hall pops up...] This man, hiding in plain sight..." {Dramatic music]