Saturday 20 July 2019

"Not only is tanker heading in wrong direction, but Iran policy generally - and just as Britain is about to change PM"

On the open thread MB wonders whether Jon Sopel failed to read Fran Unsworth's warning not to engage in political tweeting that compromises the BBC's claimed "impartiality" because "Here Our Jon moans that our Iran policy is heading in the wrong direction. Couldn't be more partial...":

We did learn recently that the BBC has relaxed its rules, but this still doesn't get Jon off the hook. He's still bound by the rules:
Under the revised editorial guidelines, published last week, the corporation still bans news and current affairs presenters from making their political views known on social media, or taking a stance on a ‘controversial subject’. 
But the rules say the ‘risk is lower’ where the presenter is talking about a subject unrelated to their field, giving as an example ‘a sports or science presenter expressing views on politics or the arts’.


  1. AFAIK in the old guidelines there were two categories of staff
    #1 Those under News or Radio
    #2 Those TV people not under News

    So Adrian Chiles the radio football pundit could not comment politically under his public name
    .. but Lineker TV football pundit could.

  2. Can't get more controversial than Corbyn's favourite corner of the world - Iran - can it?


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