Wednesday 10 July 2019

Is the BBC impartial?

I’ll reserve judgment on tonight’s Panorama till it’s all over, but there is plenty of pre-emptive activity around. (The Times) (£)

In case it seems hypocritical to put one’s faith in any episode of Panorama in the light of the infamously aborted Tommy Takedown, it does seem that there is justification for doing so sometimes.  

The upcoming programme about antisemitism in the Labour Party is the creation of John Ware, who has a uniquely non-BBC outlook, while the aborted Tommy-bashing episode was concocted by John Sweeney, whose agenda is typically Beeb. 

I don’t claim that either of these men is bias-free or that their programmes could be scrupulously impartial and/or agenda-free, but at least John Ware is prepared to go against the grain.

Unlike Dominic Casciani, whose Tweets are ‘deffo’ BBC through and through. (H/T Monkey Brains in a btl comment)

What started out as a stupid and weirdly snobbish remark from Casciani turned into a massive sneer-athon by a trail of Tommy-bashing sycophants - half of them accusing TR (aka SY-L) of squandering £500 (of donors’ hard-earned dosh) on a pair of Gucci loafers, while the other half sneering that they were obviously only a ‘knocked-off” version.

(Yobbo! Know thy place!)


  1. Panorama was so outrageous that this could be the beginning of the end for the BBC as we know it. They didn't interview any of the expelled. The programme started by justifying Tom Watson's outrageous verbal attack on Ken Livingstone. The BBC said bluntly that his statement over Haaspara was wrong. There was no analysis of that, and no presentation of Ken Livintstone's case. Sacking John Ware would not be enough.

  2. I have watched half this Panorama on i-player. I have decided it is definitely 'soft' eg the man who has just said that it is perfectly easy to criticise Israel without being anti-Semitic is a fine example of careful wording. All sounds very supportive of Jewish people but not as supporting as all that. I suppose the programme with be used for years to come as evidence of neutrality. I can only watch in 10 minute bites.


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