Saturday 6 July 2019

"Is there an agenda?"

Here's a tweet I didn't expect to read from the presenter of From Our Own Correspondent:


And guess what! It's not actually the BBC's Kate Adie. D'oh! 

(As ever when I post something stupid, I'll leave this one up for posterity as a constant reminder to myself to always fully check things before posting!)


  1. Good on her for saying something. Pity the last sentence is framed as a (rhetorical) question when it's blatantly obvious that there is an agenda the size of a cow.

    I for one have learned a valuable lesson from SYL's behaviour and will be regarding my Women's Football World Cup highlights DVD with appropriate reverence. I will also be questioning aspects of my problematic and privileged opinions while listening to Saturday Live.
    Go Coco !

    1. I should have known that the BBC's Kate Adie would never say anything like that (see update)!

    2. How disappointing. Now I come to think of it, how naive of me to think that the real Kate Adie would risk the pillory for SYL....
      I'll have to go and hold some more fingers up.

  2. I'm glad I didn't follow up with praise for Kate Adie's bravery!

    The legal persecution of TR has been quite terrifying in its relentless determination. You would hope maybe one MP or one notable journalist or one cleric or one academic might utter just a smidgeon of concern.

    But no, that is just how bad things are. Not a single voice of concern raised.

    1. This is watershed moment. Feeling of dejection over the TR course of events might have been lifted a smidgen had someone of Adie's ilk been prepared to speak out - but alas there are no dissenting voices from the BBC, MSM or MPs. I put MPs last because when it comes to spinelessness they lead the way.

      Has Adie's tweet been true, I was ready with : 'Agenda' - just take a look at the acres of copy here on the ITBBCB? and the BBBC site. Yes there's an agenda.


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