Thursday 4 July 2019

Oh Ann!

No.3 headline on the BBC News website tonight:


  1. Has Mr Lammy ever been on "Who Do You Think You Are?"?

    Wouldn't it be nice if they found out that he was a 'Moira Stewart' or better still an 'Ainsley Harriott', (overseer and owner descendants respectively).

  2. Presumably the BBC will be equally censorious about Marx's analogy between oppression of the working class and slavery ("you have nothing lose but your chains").

    Just seen Emma Barnett (whose dad actually ran a chain of massage parlours which notoriously are often staffed by modern day slaves - he went to prison on prostitution-related charges) getting all high and mighty about this supposedly offensive reference to slavery, and slaves rising up against oppression.

    Personally I thought Widdecombe went a bit over the top but on the other hand one must admit hearing the EU bleat on about their supposedly superior ethics, when they are corrupt, worldly and self-seeking, is pretty nauseating so perhaps they deserved both barrels (that's a metaphor, BBC, in case you're peeking in).


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