Tuesday 30 July 2019

What I missed

I saw a shot of Douglas and Matthew sitting patiently in the Newsnight studio at the beginning of the programme and I thought ‘I must watch that’ and promptly fell asleep. So here’s what I missed. Pity the sound gets more out of synch with the visuals as this clip progresses. 


  1. You didn't miss much!

    Matthew purring like a pussy cat - he seems to have drawn in his claws in the last few weeks after being a definite sourpuss for a few months.

    Douglas Murray was just a posh version of the man in the street who says "Just get it done."

    Maitlis just lying about what was said during the Referendum campaign. Virtually every Remainer spokeperson said we would be out of the Single Market and Customs Union if we left - so, Emily, assuming they were telling the truth (they must have been because they were Remainers), then everyone was clear that leaving the EU meant leaving both the Single Market and the Customs Union. So any Brexit that meets those conditions reflects the Referendum debate.

    BTW Sue, have you seen my comment on the Sky News Australia piece on Hamas? That deserves to be more widely known I think.

    1. tbh I hadn’t read the open thread. It’s a good video and I’ll put it up on the blog. It’s a shame the BBC or ‘our’ Sky never show anything like that.
      Memri is full of translations of that sort of hate from Hamas and from Arab TV in general. I (and others) can blog about it till we’re blue in the face but it doesn’t seem to have any impact on our MSM broadcasters.

    2. Yes Memri is very good. I used to check that out quite a lot. Do Palestinian TV still have the "suicide bunny" designed to encourage young children to become suicide bombers and wipe Israel off the map?

      Narrative is all our MSM care about. The narrative is "The Palestinians have been badly treated...with good will on all sides, an amicable settlement can be reached...ultimately there should be one Palestinian state...the only thing holding up peace is the Israeli government intransigence." Suicide bunnies and that sort of speech from well known Hamas people just don't fit the narrative and so are ignored.

  2. Mathew Parris said there ought to have been more discussion about 'no deal' before the referendum, i.e. 'we' lost the vote but 'we' wouldn't if we had played 'project fear' differently!
    Perhaps 'we' should have had more discussion about the EU over the years? Perhaps our MPs might even have read the Lisbon treaty?

    1. Perhaps we should have discussion about the lies told by the Remainers regarding a European Army. If people had known there were plans for a European Defence Union to replace NATO, there might have been an even bigger Leave vote.

      As for the Remainer claim that "Turkey would never join the EU", can the lying Remainers explain (a) why Turkey is still a candidate member going through an assessment process to join the EU and (b) David Cameron the UK PM spoke so enthusiastically about Turkey joining the EU before the Referendum campaign?


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