Sunday 14 July 2019

Andrew the tenacious

Shame Craig’s gone (temporarily) AWOL because the Andrew Marr Show is more his baby than mine. My eyes glaze over at the unwatchable bits, which seem to me to be more and more frequent these days. (Could be just me.) 

However, having settled in front of the TV to watch Andrew Marr’s interview with Emily Thornberry, I spent the first half wondering what the pattern on her dress was meant to represent - some sort of snakeskin, perhaps? Crocodile? - and considering whether the dress was exaggerating her bulk, then noticing the exasperating way she does that rapid blinking or closes her eyes completely when she imagines she’s landed a verbal knockout blow. I was still marvelling at her ability to waffle around the questions with nary a moment’s pause for breath when all of a sudden Marr came up with a topic he usually downplays or avoids altogether.

For once in his TV life, Andy was persistent and tenacious. She still managed to waffle around the questions, straddling precariously between her loyalty to the Magic Grandpa whose real name is Jeremy Corbyn, and her … if I heard this right … ‘asaJew’ credentials (?) which she trotted out in preference to looking as if she was siding with Tom Watson. 

Although Andrew Marr wouldn’t let it lie, I couldn’t help thinking that, at the back of his mind,  any caution he showed must have been because he was aware that at any moment she could just launch herself off her chair and squash him.


  1. Predictably, the Panorama programme has achieved nothing. It has become simply a "he said - she said" news've got people with hurt feelings, well we've got a woman with cancer...As I said before it's a power struggle.

    1. Spot on. They care about nothing except power. Lady Nugee is a sneering champagne socialist who enjoys a very privileged life with nothing at all in common with the working class and traditional labour voters. (We remember her St. George’s flag comments.)


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