Saturday, 1 June 2019

"I have enjoyed reading this thread so much"

Lisa and friend

bellingcat's Iggy Ostanin has been trawling the social media accounts of Lisa Forbes, Labour's candidate for the Peterborough by-election, and found that Ms. Forbes "liked a post saying Theresa May has a “Zionist Slave Masters agenda”" (on 5 April this year) and that she "also commented on a post claiming ISIS was created “by the CIA and Mosad [sic]" herself writing "I have enjoyed reading this thread so much" (in September 2014).

Will this story hit the news bulletins?


On a related matter, here's a  thread I enjoyed reading so much from, believe it or not, Matthew d'Ancona, who is now an editor at former BBC DG James Harding's tortoise:

  • The Pete Willsman suspension: we know what's coming, don't we? We've known since Corbyn first lamented the erasure of the anti-semitic mural in March 2018 /1.
  • So, first, there'll be a few hours of straightforward recognition that Willsman has done an allegedly terrible thing and must be investigated fully. Second, there'll be interventions by Watson and/or McDonnell saying it really is time this was sorted. 2/
  • At the same time, 'party sources' will congratulate themselves on speeding up the process of investigation. But then - uh oh - third, the 'whataboutery' moment will come: it will be pointed out that the Tories have an Islamophobia problem, too. 3/
  • Fourth, Corbyn allies will remind us that the Dear Leader is the greatest campaigner against racism in the history of the world and that any insinuation to the contrary is sacrilege. 4/
  • Fifth, it will be pointed out - with increasing impatience - that 'the scourge of anti-semitism' is evident throughout society and that it is really unfair to single out Labour. 5/
  • Sixth, it will be claimed that the whole business is no more than a series of 'smears' by the 'Tory press' and a strategy to deflect public attention from Corbyn's undiminished wonderfulness 6/.
  • Seventh, there will be a row about 'English irony' and how Corbyn was scandalously treated by wicked people vexatiously taking his remarks 'out of context' by actually reporting them. 7/
  • Eighth, Corbyn will tell his next interviewer that he is the most committed opponent of anti-semitism in the UK - possibly the world - and that all claims to the contrary are 'smears' (again). Somebody will mention the wreath. He will get cross 8/
  • Ninth, Labour centrists will say that is all very terrible and that they sympathise with how Jewish people feel and that something must be done. Nothing will be done. Now go back to tweet number one. ENDS.

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  1. No chance that they will report this - you have to be right wing - lefties get a free pass on this sort of news.

    The BBC have been quick to report on Julia Hartley-Brewer’s tweet on Enoch Powell and the RCGP non- platforming. The article is a classic case for the prosecution. With all quotes other than Julia’s being supportive of the RCGP stance and making it clear where the BBC sympathies lie.

    It will be interesting to see if the BBC continue to use her as much as their token middle class female right-winger.