Saturday 17 January 2015

Burning issue

The BBC normally leaps into action at the slightest scuffle around the Temple Mount, so it seems odd that no-one is on hand to report this. H/T Daphne Anson

"Burn it burn it! ..... in the cause of God. 
Allah the greatest. 
Prophet Muhammad is our leader forever."

Does this mean that unless a Palestinian is hurt and the IDF or Israeli Jews are involved there’s no story? 

Not even if the black flag is flying.... on a holy site.....and the cry is Allahu Ackbar? 

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  1. Were they selling Charlie Hebdo in the area at the bottom where the Jews are allowed to pray or something? The BBC Narrative has yet to address the issue of Jews getting attacked as part of the totally understandable reaction to totally unfair and out of order insulting of 1.6 billion thoroughly modern moderate Muslims.

    Seems Stephen Sackur grilled Chris Patten over James Harding's potential Zionist shilling for no good reason after all.


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