Sunday 25 January 2015

"So, what fun!"

As The Andrew Marr Show neared its close, the programme cut briefly (as it always does) to the presenter of the following programme: Nicky Campbell, flamboyantly rapping his notepad while waiting to preview today's The Big Questions

And then came the 'big question': "Is the time coming to lay the Holocaust to rest?"

It took a few seconds to recover from the shock of hearing such a distasteful-sounding question in the wake of recent events, but Nicky went on to say, thankfully, that the programme would discuss the Holocaust, hear from survivors "and keep the memories alive". 

Cue the return of Andrew Marr saying, jauntily, "So, what fun!", before turning to the closing music. 

It took me a few seconds to recover from that too.

After two distasteful-sounding things in less than a minute, I wasn't exactly expecting The Big Questions to involve much more than a quick trip to the 'Off' switch on the TV - i.e. the usual bear-pit, full of annoying people saying distasteful things and yelling at each other all the time. 

The programme, however, turned out to very interesting. My head swam with all manner of unexpected thoughts. Though passionate, it ran deeper than might have been expected. And the Holocaust survivor, Iby Knill, was a remarkable woman. 

I'd actually quite recommend it, if you've a spare hour.


  1. I missed both programmes, but caught Andrew Neil,on "Sunday Politics", doing a demolition job on the leader of the Greens, whose name I forget. He seemed to know more about Green policies than she did. Well worth a look.

  2. That was quite an interview, Grant. The Greens were made to sound like complete moonbats. Natalie Bennett didn't seem to have the political skills to rebut Andrew Neil's points. Caroline Lucas would, probably, have fared better.

    It reminds me of UKIP before the last general election, when Lord Pearson was UKIP leader rather than Nigel Farage. Lord Pearson was a gentle, clever man but not a politician. Natalie Bennett seems out of her depth too.

  3. Maybe that is why David Cameron was so keen for the Greens to be in the TV debate. It will make him look good ! If he turns up, that is.

  4. Isn't this just going to provoke a load of "complaints from both sides" about the BBC pushing the Holohoax, helping Jews use it to get sympathy and shut down ANY criticism of Israel?

    You know they'll count that as evidence of their balance. It will probably stoke the in-house smouldering, anti-Israel resentment against cowardly management. Sometimes I think they shouldn't even bother doing this kind of show.


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