Tuesday 13 January 2015

The BBC's response to complaints about Tim Willcox

If you were wondering how the BBC would deal with the controversy over Tim Willcox, BBC Watch has the answer.

The following appears to be the BBC's standard response to complaints about Tim Willcox:

In other word, he's being given the BBC's full backing. He meant no harm, he's apologised on Twitter, and that - as far as the BBC is concerned - is that.

As BBC Watch points out, however, the vast majority of people don't follow Tim Willcox on Twitter, and won't have seen his apology. BBC Watch want an on-air clarification.


  1. It wasn't a poorly-phrased question. It was a poorly-thought idea in the first place. There is no way to phrase such a question that would look better.

    The thing is, if Willcox got sacked for this, it would only fan the flames of Jew hatred. Loads of comments on various sites about how anyone who dares speak the truth about Israel gets silenced, the Jews will make sure he's punished, etc. I doubt anyone at the BBC would even think about that factor (not even the oblivious Danny Cohen or James "With Friends of Israel Like These...." Purnell), but it would be bad news if it happened.

    The BBC really does need an "away day" or one of those other re-education seminars we often make fun of. This whole double standard about Jews everywhere accepting punishment for Israel's actions really needs to be addressed. Sadly, I don't think there's anyone in a position of authority over there who thinks it's a problem.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. There is a desperate need for a whole education programme. A history lesson for the entire BBC.
      I think Tim Willcox seems like a nice man. He genuinely knows no better. Did you notice he had trouble pronouncing Netanyahu? It came out awkwardly, as ‘Netanahyu’. No, I’m not trivialising - just saying that it indicates his unfamiliarity with the topic of jews and Israel. It also highlights the BBC’s unwise habit of dispatching complete novices to sensitive assignments, where context is all.

      All this opprobrium will only reinforce the image of a deranged hyper-sensitive Zionist Lobby out to suppress free speech. That’s the opposite of what anyone should want.

      If you commit a serious driving offence you’re given the option of a ‘crash course’ (!) a driver improvement scheme, which is supposed to make you a safer, more responsible driver.
      The BBC needs an improvement course for its staff. For speaking without due care and attention.

  2. I'm surprised nobody seems to have noticed a gloved hand patted the poor lady on the left shoulder immediately after Timmo stopped talking in the footage - his, by the seem of it. I think he realised he'd been a bit of a prat.


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