Tuesday 13 January 2015

Point scoring from Yolande Knell at the funerals in Jerusalem

Yolande Knell was reporting live from the funerals in Jerusalem of the four French Jewish men murdered in Paris on today's News at One on BBC One. Characteristically, she couldn't resist ending her piece by attempting to score a point against Benjamin Netanyahu: 
And it is normal Israeli government policy to encourage Jews from all around the world to make this their home. But the invitation that was made by the Israeli prime minister after that huge unity rally that took place in Paris on Sunday has been criticised, with many European leaders saying that running away is simply not the answer.
So, making aliyah is "running away", is it?!? 

That's a distasteful way of putting it, isn't it? Especially in the circumstances.

So which European leaders have criticised Mr Netanyahu for making that invitation? Did any of them use the phrase "running away", or is that Yolande Knell's own choice of words? (Or words drawn from a Haaretz editorial?)


  1. To be fair, she was using reported speech, although of course it wasn’t really necessary to repeat it in the first place. If you look at it another way, the term ‘running away’ necessarily implies there’s something to run away from, which is something that needs to be remembered.

  2. Just heard Nabila Ramdani (again!) on Radio 4 (PM) being interviewed, with David Aaronovitch by Eddie Mair.

    She was nicely skewered by DA, as it was exposed by the end that what she objected to in the front page cartoon is the depiction itself.

    My question is this - if Robert Spencer is banned from the country - why is this "French Algerian" allowed into this country, with the clear intent of undermining our free speech and democracy and imposing Sharia law on us? I find it very worrying that our government is keeping out people who tell the truth about Islam and allowing people clearly on a mission to close down free speech and advance Sharia to roam freely.

    1. It was quite something, and a real feather in both David Aaronovitch's and Eddie Mair's caps.

      Hopefully my transcription (above) with show just how disingenuous Nabila Ramdani attempted to be, and how she was badly it went for her.

      The reaction on Twitter has pretty much broken down between Muslims moaning about how she was treated and everyone else (except for one ubiquitous pro-SNP, pro-Palestian tweeter called Tom) gasping at her dishonesty and marveling at how brilliantly she was exposed.

      The funniest thing after reading that Twitter response was to go to her own Twitter feed and see her busily re-tweeting all the Muslims and Tom and NOT re-tweeting everyone else.

  3. Amazing isn't it.

    European leftists like Tim Willcox from the BBC will conflate all Jews in Europe with Israel. At the same time, his kind view Jews as not indigenous to Israel. Just European occupiers.

    Jews get attacked in Europe from Muslim hordes, leftists and the far right - then get accused of running away by this odious woman.

    Basically, Jews don't belong anywhere is what these despicable leftists think.


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