Sunday 25 January 2015

Oooh, no missus!

That last post featured an image of Nicola, aged 44, from Glasgow, displaying her legs. 

As The Sun might put it, "Phew, what a scorcher!"

Talking of which...

The Sun's Page Three has been a big topic at the BBC this week. 

I've not paid too much attention to the row myself (being otherwise engaged), but even I've spotted that the BBC has been giving the story one heck of a lot of attention. [The usual suspect on Twitter (Jon Don & Hugh) have been active on the subject (taking the side of The Sun's opponents, of course)]. 

Some of that attention has been explicitly ideological. (Jane Garvey of feminist Radio 4 staple Woman's Hour (h/t Alan at Biased BBC) declared "It’s gone, we hope" this week.) 

Some of it could be puritanical. (Unlikely at the BBC).

Some of it could be just the usual Murdoch-bashing. (Likely at the BBC).

And some of it could simply be because it's a cracking, ratings-grabbing, tabloid-like news story. 

The BBC has become quite partial to those sorts of stories in recent years. It gives them the chance to get gorgeous Page Three models onto the News Channel - and Andrew Neil's This Week - to stand up for bare bosoms whilst, at the same time, disdainfully standing aside from them, tut-tutting...(which is just the sort of thing BBC types like to accuse the Daily Mail of doing).

This morning's Broadcasting House on Radio 4, naturally, couldn't resist adding to the Beeb's feeding frenzy on the story. 

And who - standing firmly on the BBC's moral high ground - did BH get to wax indignant on the subject? 

Clare Short. 

Clare - in true Carry On fashion - talked about "racks of newspapers". She also (less saucily) talked about "how degrading they are to women".

Paddy was keen to make a curious point about the former Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens [recently in the news over the 'paedophile MPs conspiracy'] posing with Page Three in opposition to Ms Short. [God knows what that was all about!]

Clare Short, of course, savaged The Sun

Paddy quoted Matthew Parris at her in response. She disagreed with him.

Naturally, being a high-minded blog, we've gone for the BBC-approved image to accompany this post.


  1. I abandoned ship once Paddy had sneered at the Davos Jamboree that had finished earlier this week.
    It wasn`t Cameron etal who were slurping champagne out of Melinda Gates slippers at the event. It was the BBC-the likes of Peston, the likes of Guru-Murthy on Channel 4.
    They had no reason to be there-especially once they sneered at Cameron for avoiding Davos, to prevent it being an issue in the election.
    Only the liberal media went over for the canapes and to suck up to the beautiful people.
    So for Pointless Paddy to sneer at an event his employers rather wanted to big up-to be ironic of course-only shows what a bunch of self-serving hypocrites they are.
    And Paddy is among the biggest self seeking creeps...I``d mention mote and beam...but he`d not get that.

  2. You have demonstrated your knowledge of Nicola's anatomy, Craig, but not Scotland's. I would love to see you calling Nicola a Glaswegian to her face.She is an Ayrshire lass, through and through.
    Speaking of boobs, the hypocrisy of the BBC, as usual, is breath-taking. Nudity is UK when it is on the BBC for art and education's sake,but not when it is in a right-wing (boo,hiss) newspaper.
    I may be wrong, but I think it is usually the Chancellor who attends Davos and not the PM, not that it would stop the BBC having a go at Cameron.

  3. UK should read OK, I think !

  4. Headline counting is probably not worth the time and trouble since the BBC are probably doing the same thing to avoid charges of bias.

    The bias, such as it is, is much more to do with the media consensus, which the BBC (but also Channel 4, Sky, LBC and others in varying degrees)is wedded to. So you get the tone of incredulity, the abrasive questioning and the narrative bias in the text and in the body of programmes.

  5. But the burka is empowering and liberating.


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