Tuesday 6 January 2015

Nick Robinson stands up for democracy

From the Radio Times (via the Telegraph), some interesting words from Nick Robinson:
The Brand v Farage pre­-Christmas Question Time panto drew the crowds in a way few political programmes ever do.
And yet Brand continues to tell people that all politics and all politicians are corrupt or venal or a waste of time.
Now, you may ask – ‘Aren’t you meant to be impartial as the Beeb’s political guy?’ And, you’d be right… and wrong.
Yes, it’s my job to leave my personal views and prejudices at the door when I report on TV or radio or online.
I am not, though, required to be impartial between democracy and the alternatives. What’s more, if Auntie ever asked me to be I’d refuse or quit the job.
My German Jewish grandparents were forced to flee the Nazis and then, later, the Communist who took over China, the place they’d sought refuge. In this election year I am an unapologetic believer in elections.
He's not wrong that BBC reporters should not be required to be impartial between democracy and the alternatives. They shouldn't go out of their way to give the alternatives a hearing, certainly shouldn't given them an equal platform with democracy and should never, under any circumstances, give them a privileged platform. 


  1. I agree. The BBC's Charter needs to be rewritten to make it clear.

  2. He's part Jewish? Another strike against Robinson for is Left-wing critics. That's me convinced the BBC really is a Zionist Right-wing entity after all.

    He is a clown, though. Brand is playing an Anjem Choudary game. He skates very close to the line, but loves to hint at violent revolution, knowing exactly how to use phrase and gesture and mug for the cameras. Very clever, both of them, and two sides of the same coin, yet Robinson is biting at ankles.

    Voting in elections is a blip on Brand's radar, just a temporary bit of noise he was making as he worked his way through the anarchist tropes he'd read and worked into his shtick. He was called out on that bit of stupidity some time ago, backed off, and has moved way past that routine. If Robinson thinks he's standing up to Brand here, he's only showing how far behind he is.

    Brand very clearly hinted at violence on that QT episode. During a 'discussion' about the evils of The City, he said something about knowing where the money is and, "I know wha' we've go'ta do." Nobody dared say anything against the BBC and audience pet, though. He was brought on specifically to attack Farage, Dimbleby allowed it to happen over and over again, and the BBC can dismiss all charges of bias because it's good television, innit.


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