Saturday 24 January 2015

New Technical Message

A universal 'Sorry!'...

Disqus, doubtless down to no fault of its own, has completely bamboozled me. So much so that I've even found it hard to get back into my own site.

Plus we've had an eerie absence of comments for four days.

And the old comments have stubbornly remained on the wrong side of the fence at Calais.

So I've uninstalled Disqus for the time being...which, to be frank, is about the easiest thing I've been able to do with the damn thing. (And that was only because I could do it entirely through Google Blogger).

So, Gawd knows where we are now but I can see all the old comments and all the new comments now....and, hopefully, so can you...

So, for the time, I'm happy again (at least until the next cock-up crops up).

Disqus is clearly a fine, flexible, good-looking system but it has completely lost me, so it's back to basic Blogger for the time being I'm afraid. (May the Lord forgive me!)

Another universal 'sorry' then and (with luck) back to the blogging.

Meep, meep.

That said...

Sue may give Disqus another go.

She can't fare any worse than me. (I feel like one of those blokes in BBC comedy programmes. They're all invariably useless at everything.)


  1. A good decision I think!

    Hope you get back to a healthy comment count over the next few days.

    Dan Read

  2. The effort is appreciated in any event, Craig. In my case, the lack of comments was due to my inability to log in without screwing up my Disqus id and comments elsewhere logged in under another account. I still can't find my old OpenId/WP login, or I'd have used that. I don't mind Disqus in general, and had I managed my own account properly, I'd have preferred it over the reCAPTCHA thing requiring three or more attempts each time, including the extra text step, to successfully connect to its own server.

  3. Please leave the comment system as it is - please, please don't go back to Disqus...

    I really enjoy the freedom of just being able to leave a comment without having to sign up to anything - if you revert to Disqus I'll no longer be able to comment, and very possibly your excellent blog will be all the poorer for that ;-)



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