Tuesday 20 January 2015

Not very 'subliminal'

It looks as if the Biased BBC blog remains down this morning, but when it's up again please check out DB's extensive selection of re-tweets from the Twitter account of Radio 4's newly-appointed Head of Comedy, Sioned Wiliam.

She seems to share the politics of most Radio 4 comedians. She certainly doesn't seem to be a UKIP supporter. 

On the subject of which...

I was listening to Radio 4 yesterday evening and very much enjoyed a fascinating David Aaronovitch documentary on the history of 'subliminal advertising' scares, as well as the linked edition of The Infinite Monkey Cage on 'Deception'. Later came The Unbelievable Truth, which was also entertaining (especially Henning Wehn).

By a striking coincidence, both editions of the The Infinite Monkey Cage and The Unbelievable Truth ended with presenter-led digs at UKIP  (from Robin Ince and David Mitchell.) These were the only party political jokes in either show. 

(That's the second anti-UKIP joke from David Mitchell this series. He's also done one sneering at Ann Widdecombe. Yes, really). 

There doesn't seem to be much that's 'subliminal' about the political messaging on either of these programmes. 

Given her pedigree (see  the link near the top of the post), should we be holding out much hope that Sioned will be tackling the issue any time soon?

Update: As DB's post at Biased BBC has been lost due to the recent technical difficulties there, here's a copy of the tweets which DB has now stored at Tiny Pic:


  1. I too heard the gratuitous snide comments aimed at UKIP. These insertions into ordinary programmes shows just how irredeemably contaminated with socialist hatred the bbc has become.

  2. A lifetime of working with left-wing comedians, from Oxford until now, doesn't bode well.

    David Mitchell is very talented and funny, but I can no longer look at him or see his name without hearing "Oh, my God, the Daily Mail!" It's mostly just lazy humor rather than real political passion, but tells you they all think everyone agrees with them, and only confirms Jeff Randall's assertion that they all think they're on the middle ground.

  3. UKIP should make a big thing about just before the start of the election campaign. They shouldn't take it lying down. If the BBC were doling it out to one and all, that would be OK - if say they mocked Harriet Harman feminist pretensions in a personalised way. But they don't.

  4. Her twiitter feed is just a stream of left wing nonsense. Expect R4 comedy to lurch even further to the left.

  5. Maybe she has been brought in to balance Jasmine Lawrence?

    Mind you, that is likely achieved across the studio window.

  6. The rotten BBC is riddled with its Common Purpose agenda.
    They push it 24/7 on their rolling news, and near-on any random, programme on radio 4 will confirm their reflex bias at every opportunity afforded.
    All vehicles and showcases to peddle their anti-English, pro-Islam, pro-Socialst habitual poses and vogues are paid for by us, chosen by them.
    Then stuffed back down our throats as if we were to be foie gras-halal of course.
    Witness "Word of Mouth" tonight featuring Michael Rosen.
    I listened in at the start, thinking that applied linguistics re sourcing of languages could be good...you know, a Tim Westwood, Nigel Kennedy or Blair takedown of the fakes in our society.
    Those who affect a working class accent like a Jagger, and how to rumble the plastic paddy, the toytown tyke?
    But no.
    Rosen only wanted to know how this new discipline might prevent an asylum seeker from getting in...and how best to apply the corrective counterbalance so that fakes and phonies might corroborate those fake marriages with suitably sourced dialects and "disrespected languages".
    Yassou-the old Marxist dialect of Rosen and his dialectics...Tories lying, Home Office thwarting those poor lambs with no documentation by disbelieving even the serial liar...whose only fault might be to lie all the time due to a mental health issue.
    But there again, that`d be 75% of the BBCs staff these days.
    The endless shilling for Milibismallah goes undammed at the BBC. No rest `til Utopia!
    What is MIchael Rosen FOR exactly?

  7. My post re Sioned Wilian has been removed from Biased BBC without explanation. Maybe the odd size of the image containing the tweets was causing problems, or maybe it was removed for some other reason. Anyway - I've uploaded the image here for reference: http://tinypic.com/r/9h1gy8/8

  8. Thanks DB. I've added the image to the bottom of this post now. I can't make it any larger though, unfortunately.


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