Saturday 10 January 2015

Coming up tomorrow...

According to the website blurb for tomorrow's Sunday on Radio 4, Nabila Ramdani will be granted yet another opportunity by the BBC to malign the dead at Charlie Hebdo. Yes, she's back on the BBC tomorrow morning:
John Laurenson reports from Paris on the reaction from French Muslims on this week's events whilst Edward Stourton discusses the wider implications of the shootings and the protests earlier this week against the 'Islamisation of Europe' in Germany and Sweden with Riem Spielhaus, Nabila Ramdani and Sara Silvestri.
That blurb provokes another obvious response: Why "the reaction of French Muslims"? Why not the reaction of French Jews, who were on the receiving end this week? 

Nabila Ramdani's fellow guests are academic Riem Spielhaus, a founder member of the Muslim Academy in Germany, and Dr Sara Silvestri from City University, London. Will they provide a counterbalance?

Where Riem Spielhaus is likely to be coming from can perhaps be guessed from her review of a book called Global Islamophobia: Muslims and Moral Panic in the West. She approves of that book and thinks that Muslims are the West's current "folk-devils". She and Nabila will doubtless get on like a house on fire.

And where Dr Silvestri is likely to be coming from can perhaps be guessed from her previous appearance on Sunday - and on this blog - where she declared herself opposed to banning the burqa/niqab. She said the issue of 'Muslim women and the veil' is "not really a big probably", it's "a phantom" people bring up for "ideological" reasons to take attention away from bigger issues. So Nabila is unlikely to find herself rowing with her either.

This already sounds dire. 


  1. Nabila Ramdani is free to pour out her bile, as long as (a) she is challenged on her claims that the CH folk were racist - for which she has no evidence - and (b) if we hear from rational Islamosceptics like Robert Spencer. However, as far as I know Robert Spencer has never been properly involved in a mainstream BBC programme.

  2. Has anyone heard the trailer on BBC Radio for a programme about democracy. THere is an outrageous bit of bias - particularly in an election year - as they include a clip of some twat equating Farage with people opposing democracy, something for which there is no evidence.

    As far as I know Farage has always accepted expressions of the popular will, and indeed has sought to ensure that all laws are subject to democratic process.

    1. To Beeboids, democracy means getting what they want. When the results don't go in the approved direction, they think democracy was somehow undermined.

  3. Why not the reaction of French Jews, who were on the receiving end this week?

    Exactly. Which reminds me: I wonder how much internal flaming Danny Cohen got.


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