Sunday 10 January 2021


The BBC News website has a new tab on its Home page:

It posts all the stories it considers linked to Brexit there under the heading Latest Updates. 

Here's a complete list of all the headlines/stories so far in 2021. I think you'll spot a very pronounced pattern of overwhelming negativity.

There are a surprising number about children suffering because of Brexit.

(I'll keep this updated).

22 Jan

  • Amazon to ask for GB to NI customs declarations
  • Some GB plant businesses stop sales to NI
  • Nissan commits to keep making cars in Sunderland

21 Jan

  • UK accused of 'petty' behaviour in EU diplomat row
  • Scottish government unveils 'green ports' plans
  • 'I was asked to pay an extra £82 for my £200 coat'
  • O'Neill: Biden 'will be a good friend to us'
  • Post-Brexit business help scheme costs £330k so far
  • 'I was asked to pay an extra £82 for my £200 coat'
  • Exporter sets up Dutch firm amid Brexit red tape
  • Shrimp held for five days in Brexit border delay
  • Lamb exporter to EU 'making virtually nothing'
  • Food supply clearly a Brexit issue, says Coveney

20 Jan

  • EU orders next-gen Galileo satellites
  • Concerns over 'competence' of new customs agents
  • Musicians 'failed by government', stars say
  • Shipping organic food is a 'nightmare' post-Brexit
  • Brexit: 'My meat exports are rotting in Rotterdam'
  • What does the deal mean for fishing?
  • Government considers scrapping some EU labour laws
  • £23m support fund for struggling fishing firms

19 Jan

  • Brexit paperwork 'horror' sparks hauliers' anger
  • NI secretary 'like emperor with no clothes'
  • 'Food supply issues not down to protocol'
  • Poots hits back at Lewis with 'emperor' comment
  • 'No better time' to seek investors, says deal boss
  • Will the UK refuse trade deals over human rights?

18 Jan

  • UK not going to do anything to make EU 'go crazy'
  • Fishing firms protest over post-Brexit disruption
  • 'Jelly and gravy shortage' warning over Brexit
  • NI fishermen want 'fair share' of UK Brexit quota
  • Exports to EU 'resume' for small seafood firms
  • Truckers protest at post-Brexit fish export rules
  • Does the UK still owe the EU money?
  • 'Putting UK, not GB, delayed my fish for 24 hours'

17 Jan

  • Legal action over post-Brexit UK trade law
  • 'Partnership' on spending replacement EU cash
  • New UK prosperity fund to bypass Holyrood
  • GB delivery firm adds customs label to NI parcel

16 Jan

  • Hauliers 'bypassing Welsh ports because of Brexit'
  • Welsh seafood in 'grave state' over Brexit delays
  • Brexit - a bruising battle for the DUP
  • End to Gibraltar land border prompts joy and trepidation

15 Jan

  • Dublin Port customs 'minefield' causing backlog
  • Republic of Ireland to lose 15% of fishing quota
  • Scottish fishermen 'landing fish in Denmark'
  • Post-Brexit customs systems ‘not fit for purpose’
  • Dublin Port customs 'minefield' causing backlog
  • Brexit: 'Most difficult week I've had in this job'
  • 'Brexit port delays mean our seafood is rotting'
  • Minister denies plan to scrap some workers' rights
  • Why are Percy Pigs a headache for M&S?

14 Jan

  • Ministers accused of fishing compensation U-turn
  • Brexit stops show jumping horses going to Europe
  • EU blames UK after outcry over musicians' touring
  • UK industry bids farewell to EU's Galileo system
  • Poots says NI faces 'crisis' over food supplies
  • Seafood industry 'under threat from Brexit delays'
  • We will compensate fishing businesses - PM
  • 'If we go another week like this, we're finished'
  • What does the deal mean for fishing?
  • German freight giant pauses UK deliveries
  • New steps aim to ease mixed load transport issues

13 Jan

  • Stena Line's new Belfast ferry moves to Rosslare
  • Small seafood firms face further export delays
  • Supply problems for supermarkets being 'overcome'
  • Dorset fish merchant says UK seafood industry at risk of collapse
  • 'My £50,000 shellfish lorry was delayed for a day'
  • Food industry warns MPs of Brexit rise in costs
  • Five surprising consequences of Brexit [update]
  • NI 'consumers are facing empty supermarket shelves'
  • DUP MP 'insulted' by Brexit trade remark
  • SNP: Scottish fisherman facing 'worst nightmare'
  • New Brexit security arrangements 'a downgrade'
  • Business owners 'horrified' by post-Brexit costs

12 Jan

  • Supermarkets call for action on NI food supplies
  • Pressure mounts over EU tour visas for musicians
  • Council to buy land for Brexit customs checks
  • What's replacing the EHIC card?
  • Five surprising consequences of Brexit
  • Mixed food loads pose problems at Irish sea border
  • Brexit leaves Spain's Costa Brits facing dilemmas

11 Jan

  • 'Welcome to Brexit': Driver has sandwiches seized
  • Super trawler docked as fishing rights run out
  • New Spain expats: 'Brexit forced our hand'
  • Scottish exporters count cost of further EU delays

10 Jan

  • Online retailer Ocado warns of shortages
  • Labour calls for action on GB-NI trade disruption

9 Jan

  • Can Welsh firms cash in on Brexit red tape?
  • House movers to NI may need customs declaration
  • Brexit paperwork 'a nightmare' for small traders
  • Chocolates and beer: Buying from Belgium after Brexit

8 Jan

  • Poots warns of Brexit job cuts and food shortages
  • Brexit sees M&S cut hundreds of products in NI
  • Seafood bodies call for 'lighter touch' on exports
  • No Brexit prescriptions deal 'means son could die'
  • Were there hold-ups in first week after Brexit?
  • Beyond Brexit
  • New NI fishing boat rules 'create hard border'
  • Brexit: The reality dawns
  • Brexit stops NI epileptic girl's cannabis medicine
  • Brexit barriers 'heartbreaking' for the arts

7 Jan

  • Why are there empty shelves in some supermarkets?
  • UK-Ireland lorry traffic at Welsh port slumps
  • John Lewis scrapping overseas deliveries
  • Vets help firms complete Irish Sea border forms
  • Up to 6,000 still to apply for EU settled status
  • Covid holds up baby's request for settled status

6 Jan

  • 'No clear road map' post-virus for businesses
  • Seafood exports 'held up by post-Brexit rules'
  • Fishing boats 'gathering dust' as exports halt
  • Nvidia takeover of chip designer Arm investigated
  • Why is Sainsbury's selling Spar products?
  • Son 'may die after Brexit stops cannabis medicine'
  • 'Problems' in week one of post-Brexit GB-NI trade
  • What will happen to EU health insurance cards?

5 Jan

  • Irish boat blocked from fishing off Rockall
  • Boris Johnson's Brexit claims fact-checked
  • Brexit marks the start of a busy 2021 at Stormont

4 Jan

  • EU firms stop UK deliveries over Brexit tax change
  • Call for urgent action over deliveries to NI
  • France's post-Brexit border rules face first test
  • Brexit: Your questions answered
  • Fresh test for Irish Sea trade border processes
  • Eurozone manufacturers end 2020 with a boost
  • ‘Sprightly start’ for FTSE 100
  • Firms in Northern Ireland ‘finding their feet’
  • Brexit: First week after New Year poses big test

3 Jan

  • Foster sees 'gateway of opportunity' in trade deal
  • PM says indyref vote should be once-in-generation
  • Watch: Boris Johnson interview in full
  • Arlene Foster: Brexit is a 'gateway of opportunity'
  • Some lorries delayed at NI border control posts
  • Post-Brexit jigsaw picture still to emerge for NI

2 Jan

  • HGV inland border checkpoint planned near Dover
  • What are the rules on driving in the EU after Brexit?

1 Jan

  • New era for UK as it completes separation from EU
  • First goods cross Irish Sea trade border
  • Brexit: Are the borders ready?
  • Who really owns UK fishing rights?
  • Activists cheer as 'sexist' tampon tax is scrapped
  • What does the deal mean for fishing?
  • How will London change after Brexit?
  • Post-Brexit trade changes 'not a surprise'
  • Brexit: Seven things changing on 1 January
  • What will happen to mobile roaming charges after Brexit?
  • 'Plans in place' to minimise port Brexit delays
  • UK waves au revoir to the EU
  • 'We welcomed the Brexit deal like a Christmas present'
  • Adieu to the single market created by the UK

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