Sunday 10 January 2021

Scenes from this morning's 'Andrew Marr Show'


Andrew Marr: The Government, we are told, thinks the British public is misbehaving - we aren't doing enough to stop this second wave. Well, if that's true, apart from shouting louder, what more can ministers now do? Derbyshire Police have been collaring walkers carrying cups of peppermint tea in their hands. But to impose tougher measures across the country now, when everybody is already so fed up - well, that could be a risky step. And anyway, isn't this disobedience partly the result of months of mixed messages from ministers? 



Andrew Marr: Meanwhile, Twitter has snipped [Donald Trump] off, and others are also coming off Twitter this morning we see from the front pages. 

Alison Phillips. editor, Daily Mirror: Yes, Trump will be coming off. He has been banned from Twitter. He is looking at alternative social media platforms. But the reality is none of those will have the impact that Twitter has. I think it is an interesting thing that him, and today we have also got Harry and Meghan saying they're also coming off Twitter. It's interesting. You've got two sorts of people, Trump and the Sussexes, who have both railed against mainstream media, and now they are finding that social media is not a very nice place for them. Maybe they were better with the mainstream media anyway? Although there's that sense that they cannot control it in the same way. 

Andrew Marr: Instead. Coming off Twitter is the new thing, Alex. Of course, a lot of people are trying to work out with all these social media platforms what they get back from them as well as what they put on. What are they getting back from it? It's very interesting that Harry and Meghan now feel they can conduct themselves as a kind of global brand, while ignoring these huge media platforms.

Alex Forsyth, BBC: Well, I have some sympathy with those views. We have all had our problems with social media in the past. What is interesting about this story, as you say, and exactly as Alison, the point made: Some people have turned away from the mainstream media because they didn't feel like it did them any favours and have encountered social media being equally unforgiving. We all know that social media, when it came to the Trump presidency, had a very specific role to play. The decision by Twitter today has opened up a whole debate around free speech and whether that was the right decision or not. But it does seems that some of the shine of social media has come off for quite a lot of people. 

Andrew Marr: Well, can I just say in relation to the mainstream media that the papers  are crammed with really interesting stories today. If you possibly can, either physically or online, read and buy a newspaper. And with that, so to the weather...

[ed -The mainstream media is evidently feeling very pleased with itself this weekend!]

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