Tuesday 5 January 2021

For the sake of balance

In fairness, here's praise for the BBC from one Jamie McMillan (not the great Scottish composer)
Two outstanding achievements from BBC News last year: one is hiring Marianna Spring as Disinformation Correspondent (A World First?). The other is the consistently excellent clarity of Americast.
Marianna retweeted his praise (as is her way, along with all the selfies). 

It's Jamie's Twitter bio that tickled my funny bone though:
Greenish grumpy wildlife-loving grandpa living near Eustacia Vye’s house in Dorset (Return of the Native). Blocked by Julia Hartley Brewer & Rob Burley.

Wonder what Rob did to offend him?

Reading his tweets, Jamie's left-leaning but anti-Corbyn and VERY pro-EU. Remind you of any  particular corporation? (Rob's employer maybe?).

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