Sunday 31 January 2021

Running hot and cold


Camilla Long in The Sunday Times writes today about how last Tuesday, prior to the EU uniting most of the British Isles in fury, "anti-Brexit stories were still running hot and cold on the BBC website":
We learnt, for example, how poor shoppers were being charged more for goods from the EU. 

One woman paid a whole £30 extra for earrings from Greece. 

“My model car cost £12 more,” moaned Londoner Sascha Grillo. “Second-hand pottery on eBay was more expensive,” ran another sob story. 

I bet the average person who voted leave must be feeling devastated knowing that used pottery, model cars, designer leather goods and gold trinkets are costing people in London ever so slightly more.
Camilla isn't wrong. 

And in the days between Tuesday and Friday's EU fiasco, the anti-Brexit stories kept on coming, with one particularly ironic one - NI Protocol 'obstructs free movement of military' - coming on Friday itself.  We also got Brexit causes ferry travel issue for guide dogsBrexit difficult for my firm - Samantha CameronBrexit means NI eels can't be sold in Britain and Post-Brexit plant problems are an 'urgent issue'.

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